Sunday, April 24, 2016

Transfers, Flooding and Delayed Transfer

Monday, Apr 18, 2016                                                   Port Arthur, TX

" We went on exchanges today. We taught some people and had some time left over so we went into the area book and found this one former that lived close by in this pretty big apt complex. So we pull up and I hear, "Elders! Elders! " I turned around and see Ram(my homie who is about nine years old and he's from India, so he has that cool accent). I walked up to Ram and said, "What's up my homie?" and I gave him knuckles. We talk and he asked what we were doing here. I told him we were trying to find Apt #35 but we couldn't find it. Ram said, "I can find it." He runs back to his friend group and tells them to find Apt 35. These ten kids are running around the Apt complex trying to find 35 and they are asking everyone outside and then Ram asks these two girls and they go into the office and ask the person there. Haha, it was so funny.We ended up finding the apartment, but no one was home. We had some time to spare so we showed Ram and his friends a video and talked more about Jesus. Then we met a member at an Italian place and I had the best Lasagna that I have ever tasted. 

Today our friend, Derick(The Pentecostal preacher) drove us around all day, cause we were kinda short on miles. He drove us and sat in on lessons with us. He didn't teach with us. The only words he used was to introduce himself or to fellowship the other person. Pretty awesome. 

Last week when I was on exchanges, Elder Strong stopped by Justin's house (Justin is our investigator). Elder Strong told me how he went to see Justin. They knocked and Justin answered and they said he looked half asleep so Elder Strong is like, " Sorry, did I wake you?" Justin didn't answer so Elder Strong asks him another question and then Justin looks backward at his mom. He then looks at Elder Strong and then back to his mom again and back to Elder Strong again. Then he hands Elder Strong his Book of Mormon and closes the door. So Elder Strong is thinking that Justin just got anti'd by his parents. Fast forward to today and we stopped by Justin's house and he is outside so we talk to him. We found out Justin's story on what happened that one day. He said he worked the night shift and he was super tired and sleeping when Elder Strong knocked on the door. He was still half asleep so he didn't talk. When Elder Strong was asking him if he was tired, he said he looked at the chair he was sleeping in and then back to Elder Strong, then the chair and back to Elder Strong. He then handed Elder Strong the Book of Mormon and closed the door, and went to put on a shirt. When he came outside, he looked around and there were no missionaries. He was like, Shoot man, maybe they thought I was mad at them. So he went back inside. So we taught him some more and gave him back his Book of Mormon. After that we did our 'Hour of Power' and met this sweet Baptist couple who actually invited us back and said they would check out our church!!

We had weekly planning today, so we planned some and then went to this pretty ghetto apartment complex to teach one of our investigators. When we went there he wasn't home, but he had three chairs outside his house....So we resumed weekly planning right there. It was actually a lot more enjoyable just planning outside not trapped inside!

I went on exchanges with Elder Tukuafu and then we got a call to do more service in Deweyville. We helped gut more people's houses, one of which we hit a water line and had to get water out again. After that we went to 'Chucks' again and got some more 'Redneck Nachos'. We came back to Port Arthur and me and Elder Tukuafu biked down to the ghetto and did some service to one of their less active members. We put up Sheetrock and took out some wood and made a huge bonfire. So huge that it almost lit the trees on fire, so we ran and grabbed some water to put it out. We biked back and then we got transfer calls and I found out that I am leaving my area. I was pretty mad! I really wanted to stay here in Port Arthur, even if it was for 6 months, but I get no choice, so I got over it. Plus it is kinda cool but now I've been to 5 outta 6 transfers.

Today was Sunday and it was a sad day cause I'm leaving, but we had church so ya. We ate at an investigators house and he asked me if we could have girlfriends. I told him yes but not on a mission. He was like, dang! I do this bowling league thing every Tuesday and there are some young pretty girls that go there and I thought you looked like some cool guys so I could set you up with some. We said thank you but we can't do that. Then I went home and packed. 

So it's transfer day and I got all my stuff packed and then the rain came and they postponed transfers. It is flooding bad down here so I took pics and videos.
Elder Saunders
Elder Tukuafu and me at our district planning meeting. April 2016 Port Arthur, TX

Bro. Matney and his son, me and my boy, Robert. Port Arthur, TX Apr 2016

My district in Port Arthur- Back row, Sis Madsen, Sister Rawle, Elder Ludlow, Elder Strong, Elder Bigler, Elder Goettsche. On the front row-Elder Tukuafu, Elder Saunders, Elder Rosenlund, Elder Hepworth Apr 2016

Sisters Madsen and Rawle, Elders Ludlow, Strong, Rosenlund ... In front, Elders Tukuafu and Saunders, Bigler, Hepworth and Goettsche. 

Flooding outside of our apartment in Port Arthur, TX. We quit driving after our car nearly sunk as you see the first car heading into deep water.  April 2016

Our beloved Houston Temple surrounded by water. The water came up to the gate and did not come farther even though the houses surrounding were half  way under. April 2016


  1. Still love readimg ABOUT your adventures!

  2. Still love readimg ABOUT your adventures!