Sunday, May 22, 2016

God Is Good, God Is Good. We've Come So Much Farther Than We Thought We Could....

Monday, May 16, 2016                                                       Kingwood, TX

" I went on exchanges today with Elder Gary this time. We had a solid day! We taught our investigator Ashley, who gave us two referrals when we went over. She is going to invite them over next time when we teach her. So yeah, we were blown away! We talked about the Book of Mormon and she had some questions so she opened up her Book of Mormon. It was all highlighted and so we answered her questions and then she said, " Why don't more people talk about the Book of Mormon? Why are so many churches against something that makes sense?"

Elder Gary answered, "Well, when Christ was on the earth, was his church the majority or the minority?" Ashley answered minority and Elder Gary continued, " Exactly, Ashley. Christs church has always been the minority because it has always been attacked. So if it was brought back to earth, don't you think it would still be in the minority?" Ashley's like, "Yeah it would!". We answered a few more questions and invited her to be baptized and we left.

On our bike ride home, Elder Gary told me something that really opened my eyes. He told me that it is crazy that people are so confused about what God is. Everyone says that God is everywhere, but yet he is nowhere. That he has a body, but yet he doesn't. That he is three, yet he is one. He helps us and loves us, yet he is a jealous and angry God. Elder Gary continued that if you think about it Satan can't destroy God, but he has the power to destroy what people think God is. He made it so people don't know God. Satan made it so God seems like some far away being that no one could ever relate to, and by doing that he confused so many people. Many of them stopped believing he was there and the rest made many churches into what they think God is and actually fight with each other. That is why it is so important what we do. One of the things we share is, what God really is and who he is-we testify of Christ. 

After that we ate lunch and then went to the edge of our area and taught two lessons. When we finished up the second one, we were standing on the street corner that had a really sharp turn, planning where to go next. As we were standing there, we hear his honk. We look up and see this motorcycle and the guy waves at us, so we wave back. Then the guy takes off and rounds that turn super fast and then too fast. He lost control of his bike and tries to stabilize it. He ends up going up the curb on someone's lawn and towards this big rock in someone's yard. He bails and jumps off the bike and the bike crashes into the rock. We ran over and asked the guy if he was okay. The guy gets up and said a few choice words. He picks up his bike and the side of it is destroyed, like there is that plastic shell outer covering stuff all over the rock. He gets back on it and it actually starts up and he slowly drives down the road. 

We taught another kid after that and had dinner with this guy who owns a oil company. He is usually in the Middle East for like 200 days outta the year. He told us that he had a villa in Libya but when they had a civil war there, his villa was bombed and he had to fly everyone who worked for him out of Libya. Then we taught our boy, Uzziel again and that kid is always funny. Yeah, that was our day.

So today we helped our recent converts, the Snows, first clean out the garage. Then we washed it out and cleaned the floor of the garage. We then paint the floor of the garage. It was super fun and then they fed us lunch and dinner. We forgot to change in our street clothes, ha ha (See picture below). 

Today it rained and rained and rained, so yeah. I was going through our area book and we called this lady named Lini. She ended up just speaking Chinese. I tried to talk to her for about 3 minutes. I tried to explain who we were in English. Like I told her we have white shirts and ties, but she didn't understand me. I started to talk Spanish and she was confused, so I tried French. She was still confused so she gave the phone to her grandson. I hear them talking in Chinese and then yelling in Chinese and then finally the kid comes back to the phone and told us sorry they already have a church. For those of you wondering how I knew some French, a couple of days ago I got on google translate and expanded my vocabulary! 

This is the garage floor (behind us) that we painted with that special paint stuff. We forgot to bring service clothes so we modified. My mom asked what I was holding thinking it was steak seasoning, ha ha. It is the fleck stuff that you sprinkle over the paint. May 2016 in Kingwood, TX.
We ended the day going to dinner with this member who picked us up in a Cadillac CTSV. It is a Cadillac with a corvette engine in it. Honestly, it was the funnest car I have ever been in. I asked him what's the highest it can go and he said 200! He said that it can beat most Lamborghinis! 
Elder Saunders

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