Saturday, September 17, 2016

God Did This.....

Monday, Sept 12, 2016                                                   Beaumont, TX

"Today we taught Debra again and she is so solid. She agreed with everything in the plan of salvation. She still works on Sundays so we are working with that so she can get baptized. After that we taught this person named Jessica and man it was one of the hardest lessons I've ever taught. Not because she was a bible scholar, not because she was hard headed, not cause she didn't want to talk to us, but because of her kids. I have never heard so much crying in one lesson. It was crazy. It was so hard to teach and we felt so bad for her because she kept apologizing cause she couldn't focus. It was bad so we ended up getting a return appointment at 8:00 am so that one of the kids will be at school and the other will be asleep. 

We had a powerful lesson with Stan and he said that he could see himself getting baptized in our church. He's also said that he has had visitations and in one of them an angel told him that he would use his hands to spread the gospel. He told us that he thinks it very well could be that he needs to be baptized and ordained so he can have the priesthood so he could use his hands to bless people. That is super cool but he's still cautious about joining until he knows it's right, but he's gotten a lot closer. 

A couple of days after that we started our day by teaching a lesson at 8:00 am to Jessica again. We went in to teach her and she is amazed and saying how we were sent by God and all of that. She would stop us mid phrase so she could say a prayer of thanks to God for having us over. It was a great lesson.   

After that we went to zone meeting and then stopped by our investigator, Homer, and taught him. The we went to a less active family called the Collins. We created a stop smoking plan. At the end of the day we stopped by our investigator Stan again. His sweet wife is having a lot of medical problems so that's hard. We're trying to get him to know the gospel is true and that becoming a member can help him through it and he is slowly coming along. After that we got a call from Jessica and she told me that she didn't want us by anymore and that she was going to stick to the Bible. So apparently she got 'antied' pretty bad, so that's sad especially after our sweet lesson. But a scripture that popped into my head was Galatians 1:6, "I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel." It fits so perfectly with her situation so that was frustrating. 

We started off our day by giving a blessing. We went with a member who is a doctor. So we get into the hospital and he uses his pass to get into all the doors. I felt like I was part of the CIA! Everyone was staring at us and all of us wearing suits, haha. It was great. After that he bought us chick-fil-a and then we had a lesson that fell through. We biked to Jamari's house and we met his friend who has been feeding Jamari all his crazy ideas. 

We knocked on this house with this banner. I thought it was cool and wanted to take a picture with it. 
Elder Saunders
Loved this banner: 'God did this" He trusts me to share the gospel and bring souls to Christ.  God did this and I will be forever grateful. Beaumont, TX Sept 2016

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