Monday, November 30, 2015

A Pretty Chill Week

Monday,  November 23, 2015

"So this was more of a chill week than the last one. I don't have any cool dog stories or anything exciting like that so I will try and make the stories I have to tell more dramatic so let's ease on into it.

We taught the Book of Mormon and the sisters had an investigator there and throughout the whole thing he would stop us and then give this story that had nothing to do with what we were talking about. We kept trying to refocus the group. He starts to talk about all the scriptures and how they were supposedly voted out of the Bible and said that most of them were written by women, which is why they were thrown out. First of all that is false. By him bringing that up, everyone was giving their opinion and we again had to calm everyone down. Four times we had to say that it doesn't matter which books were left out because God has given us all that we need and that didn't do anything. Everyone was still arguing, so Elder Hunter tried and Elder Wood and finally Elder Lawrence said that we needed to get back to the book we know God has given us. That finally did it!

We found these squirt guns in the apartment and invited the other elders which were on splits with the Zone leaders and ambushed them. A bit unfair because Elder Hunter's squirt gun was a super soaker :) 

We were teaching a person today and then her husband came in and started to listen. He has only been there one other time but he was in and out then and never talked. This time he stayed and talked to us and shared how his mom and step dad were Mormon. He actually went to church a couple of times. He is more solid then our original investigator. After that, we get a text from a member that was going to feed us and she said she couldn't feed us but will buy us groceries. She asked us what we wanted, so we said hamburgers and buns. She said she was going to drop them off in the church fridge before Priesthood meeting. So we went to Priesthood meeting which was good up until the last speaker who went 45 min over! I took the stats on what he talked about- Bluebell ice cream-four,  Bible verses-three, Book of Mormon verses -four, Plan of salvation-three, Gospel of Jesus Christ-one, Commandments-one, Tithing-one, Law of Chasity-one, Laws and ordinances-one, Baptismal interview questions-zero. Total time 1 hour and 10 min. 

I used the teaching lessons that we teach investigators as a guide to follow minus the Blue Bell. His talk was supposed to be on Keeping the Sabbath day holy. But what can you do? You may not know what Bluebell ice cream is because it is only a South thing. It is really good ice cream that was recalled and is now back. The first speaker said and I quote, "Brothers we have suffered a lot , many times we have prayed and have hungered. It has been a year and 2 months, but I stand before you, today, and tell you the famine is over!" That is no joke. Each speaker used it at least once and the last speaker used it 4 times. After the meeting we ate almost melted bluebell because the people who took it out didn't expect the meeting to go over 45 minutes but it was still good.

After the meeting, we went to the fridge to get the hamburger and buns from the sister who couldn't feed us. We look in the fridge and it is filled and there is a note that said for Elders  Hunter and Saunders. Everything that is bagged is yours. It was a ton of food. Probably like a full week of food-all kinds-from milk to cereal-sausages, hamburger, and fruits and desserts. It was amazing because me and my comp have a total of 50 cents combined. What a blessing!

We returned to Orange County Services today. It was a great day to come. We came right as a 18 wheeler came in, so we unloaded it and sorted it. Then we went to the back room and sorted about 20 boxes, each weighing 40 lbs. We made 300 bags for the Thanksgiving packages. We finished all that in 2 hours and 30 min. The people there were so surprised. They said it would have taken them at least 6 hours to do what we did. They said we were so efficient and work well together. After OCS we taught a man and he said he is going to try and cut down his work on Sunday so he can come to church.

We helped a person move today. We showed up to his house and found out that us four elders were the only ones who showed up. So we unloaded everything and packed it into the truck. What we started to do was if it was light like a mattress, two elders would stand on the bottom and snag it. We did that until one of them almost got crushed by it. So we just carried it down the stairs, again. Afterward he was so thankful and said that without us there was no way he could have carried everything. Let me tell you, I don't think the word light came to mind when I was carrying those boxes. Plus he lives in a big apt. on the second floor. So as we were carrying things to be unpacked, Elder Lawrence saw an ice cream maker, so we asked him if we can use it tonight and give it back tomorrow and he said yes. So.....we made a gallon of berry ice cream.

We had a fun family history conference and the whole zone came which was fun to see everyone again. 

After the conference , us and the others came over to the other elders apt and we made cookies and ice cream. We went to correlation and planned and then went to the Thanksgiving Party. Man it was so good! It was the first time we had fried turkey. It was so so good. We also had smoked turkey and it was actually pretty spicy, but it was really good. Then we of course had smoked ham and cranberries and yams. I'm not sure how everyone does yams at home but here the had them with apples and spices and it tastes really good. It was strange but in the south or maybe it is just in Orange, there was not any pies just 6 cakes. We asked a person and they said in the south they don't have pie, very rarely, so that blew my mind. Over all we got a ton of food that was left over and I'm probably going to get fat. 

When we got home from the church, we helped a person in our ward who had a stroke and can't move the right side of his body. We moved him and got him settled in. A member took us out home teaching and we saw some people in a retirement home. Pretty much all of them had no idea what was going on and tried to talk, but we couldn't understand them very well. It really makes you appreciate life. "
Elder Saunders
Zone Conference in Kingwood, TX Nov 2015

Giant Texas Star in Vidor, TX Nov 2015

Famous Blue Bell ice cream is back! Nov 2015

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