Monday, November 2, 2015

Same old, same old.....

Mon, Nov 2, 2015 Orange, TX

" It is hard writing emails because you spend so much time, but you have to because then people will email you back and it is so much fun to read emails. So just to say, if you want a longer email, email me during the week, cause then I can't read it ahead of time and write it out during lunch or something. So anyway, sit down because class is about to start and imma  finna hit y'all with some truth. 

So today was basically a p-day and we shopped and emailed then we taught a lesson to a guy who tried to get us to change our faith and tell us why we were wrong, but we answered all our questions and he was impressed so much that he wants to come to church this Sunday.

This week is super stressful and it has been so hard because our district is like a reality TV show and there is so many things that have happened to all of us. We were knocking on doors and the door opened automatically. We took a look inside and there is this guy on his death bed and he looks at us and says no, then presses a button and we just stare at him while the door slowly closes. How weird is that? We got a door closed on us by a guy in his death bed. First time that has happened.

So we had a baptism and it was stressful because we didn't set every thing up until 10:05, the night before it happened. It all worked out and a ton of people showed up. I gave an amazing talk.  Brother Evans(Ward Mission Leader) baptized her, Casey,  and it was way cool. Her son, Khalil was baptized, too. She lost her husband 7 years ago in a car accident. She shared with us how glad she is that we met her and how we have changed her life for eternity. It really makes you think cause we found her trying to contact someone else. They were not home so we were tracting their street. We saw Casey sitting outside, so we went and talked to her. It makes you think what if we never talked to her? How much would her life have changed if both of us just passed her by. Its almost crazy to think about how talking to everyone is so important because even if you get rejected 9 out of 10 times, you will get that one person whose life will change because of that. It made me realize that we change lives. How cool is that? 

We got hit hard by rain and I mean hard! We were told to not go out and we had to because of the baptism. I drove home and the water was like a foot deep and we somehow got home and everyone's apartment was flooded except ours. I was walking to go to the other Elders apartment-also not flooded-and the water was mid calf-like the parking lot.... We hung out with the other elders until things dried up. We had a ward Halloween party and then went to the other elders for crepes. It was good. 

On Sunday Casey and Khalil were confirmed. Brother Dunn confirmed Casey and Brother Evans confirmed Khalil. It was super good. We then went to Gospel Principles and after class  I saw a person that looked familiar. I didn't think much of it but in elders quorum it hit me-she was an investigator we met once and could never get a hold of. So after church we found her and she was crying. She basically said that life was hard and she wasn't doing so good so she came to church to get a priesthood blessing, so we gave her one and we are going to try and see her this week. 

We went to a members home to visit and they invited us in and her husband is a big hunter and fisherman. There were bear pelts, deer heads and antlers, alligator heads and skins, and bobcat pelts. So we sit down and he grabs this pan and asks us if we want some crocodile and fries. So we had crocodile which I really can't explain the flavor-if any of you have had shark, it tastes a lot like that. For those of you who haven't had that either, it kinda tastes like chicken and fish. The member said to come back because they have a pool table and a ping pong table and other things. She told us that 'in Starks no one will rat you out, we keep our mouths shut", ha ha. It's pretty much like what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but in a completely different way. They also gave us some Mayha jelly (almost positive I didn't spell it right) *** mom's note-I googled it and it is mayhaw jelly****  It was super good. I guess it's a fruit that grows in the swamp, so they just collect the berry like things and squeeze the juice out of them. Also, it is still raining pretty hard for 3 days, non-stop. 

So I forgot to do it last week, but now it is time for how to be Texan. Rule 8: When giving directions, be specific but not specific at all. Example: "So to get to the park you go down this road for 3 miles, then you will see two dirt piles. Go quarter and then you will see a blue fence. Turn right at the next turn, then go 4 miles and you will see a bunch of cars and that is where we are at." Like no kidding, those are actual directions a guy gave us to go to a BBQ.
Peace out homies,
Love Elder Sainders( they still can't get my name right)

Lots and lots of rain outside our apartment-8 inches and still coming!
Elder Knebel( he was able to come), Casey and her family, Elder Saunders
Casey and her son, Khalil's baptism
Elder Hunter, Khalil, Casey and another child, Elder Saunders
Elder Saunders and his new companion, Elder Hunter-picture taken by a sweet man in Orange Ward that drove them up in bad weather to Kingwood and stayed and then brought them back-thank you Brother Knipp :)

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