Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lots and Lots of Spiders Climbed Up the Broken Spout....

Mon, Feb 6, 2017                                                                   Onalaska, TX

"Today, me and Elder Taylor drove to Kingwood for this mission leadership training meeting. It was basically all the leadership in the mission to discuss issues. It started at 9 am and it ended at 5 pm. We then had to collect supplies and other things, so we left Kingwood about 6 and had an hour and a half drive, so it was a very long day.

The next day the neatest thing that happened was we did some service for a less active family and we had to fix a piece of pipe under his house. It was a super tight fit and I was the only one who fit. So I climb under the house and fix a pipe and it was dark (I only had this small flashlight). It was really muddy and there was a ton of Spiders! Tons......Did I mention that I am really freaked out by spiders? I get under there and it's pretty far down, so I try to fix it but the piece was broken and we needed another part. I climbed back out to climb back in the next morning....Yay :(

So the next day I climbed back down under the house, but since the pipe was broken, it was leaking. It was even more muddy. I tried to fix it and it won't even tighten on the pipe. So I am down there struggling forever, battling bugs crawling on me, and then I realize we have the wrong size piece. So I climbed out and we went to Lowes with a member. We got the right part and then I went back under for the 3rd time and finally put the right part on. I managed to kill this freaken huge spider! The member turned it on and it didn't leak!! I was so relieved. Afterwards, the member took us out to eat. We went straight to Whataburger. It was funny cause I am super muddy and the place was packed. I'm getting a lot of looks but not like the 'I'm cute" type. It was more like, You need to take a shower " type looks. So that was fun.

Friday we had another meeting in Kingwood.

Saturday was spent trying to find someone to teach and then we played basketball with our inactive new friends. We also got transfer calls and both of us are staying.

Sunday was hard to teach cause everyone was watching the game. We ended up through no fault of our own seeing a few plays when we visited people and every house had a ton of food, so we ate pretty well. 

Always ask yourself: "What have I done for someone else today? " Lose yourself in service.
Elder Saunders
I love serving in Onalaska! Feb 2017

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Beautiful Onalaska, TX Feb 2017

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