Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fishers Of Men and Rocks and Catfish.....

Mon., Jan 30, 2017                                                            Onalaska, TX 

"So for p-day we went fishing at a members house and it was awesome. It was a bad day for fishing. Last night was cold and it never really warmed up. Plus it rained a ton so a lot of junk came down the river. It was super relaxing and it wasn't hot, just warm with a slight wind. Man it was perfect. I caught a rock first, ha ha. Brother Poff was amazed how I got it out of the water. Then I caught a couple of 6 inch catfish, some 8 in catfish and even a 10 in catfish. You have to have a 12 in catfish or else you have to throw them back, but it was still relaxing and fun to chill for a while. After that the Poffs fed us, too, so that was a plus.

On Wednesday, we had the missionary broadcast so I was going to make blueberry muffins to take. I found out we didn't have a muffin tin, so I made blueberry muffin bread and put Texas on it. ( picture included). We arrived at the broadcast and found out that nothing was set up . We had asked a member to do it but he forgot so us and the sisters ended up watching it on a iPad which wasn't too bad.

In the broadcast there was a lot that happened but since every missionary mentioned it, imma quote some of my favorites to save time: Elder Goodwin said, " Basically we now plan in the morning and the studies are shorter so that we have more time to work out and get ready."  

Elder Carlisle said, " We still wake up at 6:30 but instead of having a regimented schedule such as personal study at 8, companionship study at 9, leave apartment at 10, we now have to use our agency to decide when to get those things done. Basically between 6:30 and 10 am we have to exercise for 30 min, personal study for 60 minutes, shower and eat breakfast for an hour and a half. Leave at 10. 

Elder Odland said, "They also changed the indicators that we report, so now we only report on baptisms, people coming to church, new people that we begin teaching a lesson, and people with a baptismal date. I think this is an awesome change because we will get missionaries that work out of a motivation to truly help people and not just numbers."

Thursday we helped a member and then we did our Hour of Power. We talked to this one couple whose husband had Alzheimer's. We would be teaching and this sweet man would randomly say, "Are y'all looking to buy a house down here?" So we would say, 'No" . He'd say, 'Oh it is so nice down here. We've been here for 40 years." His wife would gently remind him that they have been there 12. "Oh, that's it," he said. We would start to teach and he would say the same thing and then would ask us if we were looking to move there and his wife gently said no and she laughed. At the last he would make these funny comments like, "Is that your cat?" or he would point to us and say, "Y'all moving in with us?" He touched our hearts and it was sad but he sure made us smile. He is probably a lot closer to God then we are-Then we had exchanges with our zoneleader. 

Saturday we were able to do service and then came back and showered. We tried a bunch of houses and this one house had literally dozens of chew tobacco cans tied to a string and hung on his trees. I wanted to take a picture cause I was amazed but he opened up his door and told us to go, so I was disappointed. We ended up getting a picture by a giant chicken so that was pretty cool.

And so Elder Woodhouse and I continue to work and love the promise of the Savior in Matthew 4:19 " And he saith unto them, Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."
Elder Saunders
The prize picture-A giant chicken Jan  2017 in Onalaska, TX

Beautiful Lake Livingston  Texas Jan 2017

My blueberry muffin bread. If you look closely, you will see the shape of Texas I carved in the bread. Jan 2017 Onalaska, TX

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