Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Am A Child Of God And He Has Sent Me Here.....

Monday, Jan. 23, 2017                                                            Onalaska, TX

 In his email to us he said such a sweet comment." I know who I am and I am a child of God and I know he has sent me here to Texas for a reason."

" Today we had a lesson with this lady who says she was baptized when she was eight and quickly became less active. She said her records were lost and we've tried to find them with the clerks help, but they are lost. So we talked to the mission president and he said to baptize her again. We talked to her about that and she was on board. We also had a pass off lesson with the sisters and the guy seems pretty cool.

On Thursday we did some service for a member, and then did Hour of Power. We knocked a whole neighborhood and basically we just knocked a bunch of doors, ha ha. We stopped by our investigator and found out that her father-in-law passed away which is super sad, but in a weird way kinda good cause he was on his death bed and they couldn't come to church cause they had to take care of him. Now they can come to church.

Friday we had a district meeting and then we visited a guy named Zach. He is a pretty chill guy. He's about my age and is living with his girlfriend, but is interested in what we have to share, so we taught him the Restoration. After that we stopped by this former named James. He was outside so we walked up to him. He was super excited and told us that the other missionaries came over a ton. He said he would always feed them pound hamburgers and rib eye steaks, ha ha. He was really happy that we stopped by, so that was cool.

Saturday we taught a couple of people and then we went to basketball later on. A bunch of kids showed up-like there was 20 people there. It was crazy, almost too crazy but all those kids were non-members. 

Elder Saunders
Elder Saunders eating a giant burrito at a sweet restaurant that feeds missionaries, free. Bless their hearts! Onalaska, Tx Jan 2017

Sweet members sent this picture of our sons teaching an investigator. Jan 2017 

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