Sunday, January 22, 2017

Y'all Got Guts-I Call It The Spirit of God.....

Monday Jan 16, 2017                                                                        Onalaska, TX

" On Tuesday we drove to Kingwood and had a meeting and we were interviewed by the President. After that we visited a special family when I served in Kingwood, the Snows. They are doing good and then we drove back and went to dinner.

The next day we stopped by this guy named Bob and we chatted with him for a bit. We got him into family history. We're gonna stop by and see him later and set up everything for him.

Thursday we had 'hour of power'. We knocked on three streets and got nothing. Then we came to his house with this big ole gate and there was 3 dogs barking. We were wondering if we should go in . Finally I was like, "Eh, why not?" So we walk in and we were like three steps in and this lady comes out and says, "Y'all got guts! Are you still doing it the old school way?" We laugh and said yes. She said, " Good, keep it up!" She goes on to tell us how they are Catholic but never go and how she wants her kids to be raised in religion. She told us it was not a good time but asks if we can come back later and teach her and her three daughters. So that was cool.

We then knocked on a bunch of doors and came to the last door and knocked it. This old guy answered and said to come in. We talked with him and his wife. They are super funny. They are just one of those old married couples who bicker back and forth. He's straight Cajun and has a thick accent. She is German and has a strong accent. We taught them and ended up getting a return appointment.

District meeting was the next day and then all four of us went to this place called Spuds. It's amazing. They have this big menu with all kinds of things like, BBQ chicken, bacon cheeseburger, Cordon blue, etc. The only catch is that they put it on a potato. For example, I got the chicken Parmesan and it was a baked potato cut in half with fried chicken, tomato sauce and Mozzerella cheese and Parmesan cheese and it was amazing. 

After lunch we went and tried some people. No luck. We went to the Poffs house for dinner. They surprised me with a birthday party. They bought us all t-bone steaks and a bunch more food. Then they gave me a present that had like 6 presents in it. A cool notebook, two ties, oil vial, Houston temple key chain, and a custom shirt that she made cause she is a graphic designer. It was an amazing night!

On Saturday we had five set appointments and all five dropped. We had to scramble but we were able to teach a couple of people so it wasn't all bad. We played basketball with a member and like ten of his non member friends.
Elder Saunders
Kingwood Zone while serving in Onalaska Jan 2017
Tri Zone pic while serving  in Beaumont at Christmas  Dec 2016

The Dillard family is so sweet to feed us every Sunday  Jan 2017

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