Saturday, January 7, 2017

"Invasion of the Ladybugs'

Mon, Jan 2, 2017                                     Onalaska, Texas

"On Tuesday we had transfers and I rode to transfers. I got my area and it is Onalaska. It is a super cool area. We live with some members. It is a huge apartment that has an upstairs that we sleep in. The shower is big and it has a bench press in it, ha ha. It also has a acoustic guitar which I like to play everyday. We also have a pet cat named Raven. 

We had this infestation of ladybugs (they are not cute and as is everything in Texas- they are big! like beetles)They were everywhere so we cleaned out the whole apartment and got rid of most of them. I would explain it, but Ether does it much better. Its in Ether 14: 21-22: 
21: "And so great and lasting had been the war, and so long had been the scene of bloodshed and carnage, that the whole face of the land was covered with bodies of the dead. "
22: "And so swift and speedy was the war that there was none left to bury the dead."

On Wednesday, the members we live behind, were getting their foundation redone and one of the workers struck the main water line. We lost our water to our house.

Thursday we did service for a member and we made flower beds for him. He took us to lunch and then we did an hour of power in the dark with a lot of dogs. We found this one family that told us to come back tomorrow. 

We had district meeting which was kinda weird because I was used to being district leader over twelve and now we have a district of four. It has been quite an adjustment. After that I did an baptismal interview for one of the sisters' investigators. 

We went to this Mexican place that is owned by these less active members that love the missionaries. So we literally walk in and the waiters immediately give us a table and we can order anything and they bring it right out and it's free. When we left we went to the owner and thanked him. He thanked us for coming and asked us to keep praying for him. We visited more people after that and went to dinner and the members fed us some quail that he recently hunted and it was good. After that we went to the church and played some basketball with some less inactives.

The sister missionaries had a baptism that we went to. After that we tried some people and had no luck. We ate at the Poff's house. They were great. It was Sister Marx's birthday so they fed all four missionaries ribeye steak and baked potatoes. It was amazing! We came home and listened to fireworks. Thankfully our water came back on. 

At the end of the week we saw a part member family, whose house had cockroaches everywhere. Like hundreds! It was a bit scary. (You remember when I was in Orange and a big cockroach slapped my companion?) 
Have a great week!
Elder Saunders
Leaving my greenie missionary, Elder Jones. He is a good, good missionary and I am going to miss him. Dec 2016.

The bottom of our sweet apartment in Onalaska. Jan 2017

Our sleeping quarters in our apartment. Super cool! Jan 2017

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