Saturday, March 4, 2017

Adrenaline Verses The Spirit...It Makes So Much Sense!

Monday, Feb 27, 2017                                                   Onalaska, TX

" So we taught Patricia the Word of Wisdom and we were a bit worried cause she struggles a bit with some things, but it's not near as bad as we thought and she's sure that she can get over it. Plus, her family is coming down and all of them are members and they are super active. 

The next day we taught our investigator, Sabrina, the gospel of Jesus Christ. She got a little side tracked and talked about this one church that she went to. She went to the altar and people put their hands on her head and she said that she felt the spirit so strong. She asked if it was all in her head. There was silence for a bit and then I looked at her and simply said, " Yes it is in your head." She laughed and said, "Wow that was so honest." She asked another question about why our Church has such boring music instead of the Christian rock stuff. She went on to say that our music isn't that bad , but she feels better when the Christian rock music is playing. She wanted to know why? We looked at her and explained that there's a difference between adrenaline and the spirit. Her eyes got big and she said, " Wow, I never thought of that. It makes so much sense." We talked about that for awhile. 

We also helped a member install a pipe that led from his house to his garden so they could get water. After, we did hour of power. We met this cool guy and his name is Jay. He is like 85 but he looks and acts like he's 63. It's crazy! He is a pilot and has his own plane, but he is pretty open, so that's cool.

The rest of the week we just taught a lot of people. It is a little bit harder in this area because there are a lot of vacation homes. Our district consists of 2 elders and two sisters-they call it the double date district. I call it a little stressful but they are good sisters involved in the Lords work.

Elder Saunders

Had to smile at this one-It was entitled, "Hey mom and Dad. Look at my sweet haircut" I wonder if this is the before or after picture? Feb 2017 

Elder Woodhouse and Elder Saunders teaching a lesson on the Restoration. They came up with an inspiring way to teach. Feb 2017

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