Sunday, March 12, 2017

Onward Ever Onward.... I Hit The Eighteen Month Mark...

Monday, Mar 6, 2017                                                                         Onalaska, TX

" So I hit my 18 month mark....that's pretty exciting. Time has flown and I love the people of Texas. 

Today is remember the Alamo Day or Texas Independence Day. We are going to eat at a members house tonight and they are going to teach us a lesson on the Alamo for family home evening, ha ha. We are looking for a scripture to go with the theme, ha ha. 

We checked out this huge flee market down here for p-day and it had a bunch of cool stuff, but nothing really worth it to take home, but I did find this lapel pin, and also later today we're going to this flag shop to get...flags of course. 

Well, we did a lot of service this week and taught, which is a perfect week for me. We painted a members house-like their whole house. It was fun and looks dang good! We also put a sprinkler line in so this member could have water to his garden. We dug a bunch of holes for some fruit trees that he was having brought in. We also replaced a water filter. 

We met this guy named Juan. He seemed pretty solid. He was Catholic but saw faults in that church so he left and hasn't gone to church since. So we taught him the Restoration and he loves it. The only problem is that he works a lot. Every time we text him, he responds with, "I'm working late again." So that is a bit frustrating.

We finally got back with a lady we had on date a couple of weeks ago. We thought she had been ignoring us cause she wouldn't answer her phone or door. She told us today that she had some troubles with some unpaid tickets and so she hasn't been home. At least she is still open for baptism, so we set a new date for her. 

Patricia, our investigator, had her family move down here and they're members. They are super cool and are helping her to read the Book of Mormon and trying to get her to go to church. She is sweet but kinda stubborn but eventually we will get her to church and then baptized. 

Keep Prayin' and Tryin',
Elder Saunders
Cherry Cheesecake we made! Feb 2017

Cool pin that I found in a Flea market Mar 2017

My companion and I found these cool flags here in Texas. Mar 2017

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