Saturday, May 20, 2017

Goodbye Onalaska....I'm Getting Transferred!

May 8, 2017                                                                  Onalaska, TX

"On Tuesday I had a meeting in Kingwood that lasted from 9-5 plus travel, so we got to our area at 7:40 and had dinner with some members and drove home.

Today we taught Carla and she is doing good. She's going in for surgery in the next couple of days, but she is progressing nicely. She texts us whenever she needs support to help her with some habits she is trying to change. 

Another cool thing is that we met this person last week and we set a return appointment with her. She wasn't very solid but we went to it anyway. She had her friend over and both of them had read the pamphlet we gave her. She said it was the best pamphlet outta all the churches cause it actually meant something. It not only had a scripture on it, it went into detail with a testimony. She said how she is trying to find a church for 6 months and has had no luck, but she wants to come to our church. So that was cool. 

After that we visited another person we contacted and we not only taught her but her husband too. They both were super nice and wanted to come to church.

Friday we started out with 50 cent corn dogs. We went and taught a lesson on the Word of Wisdom for one of our investigators and set a new date with her to be baptized. At night I crashed because I felt absolutely horrible. 

On Saturday we helped some recent converts move in and then we went to a Spring Party. It was way fun. We got transfer calls and me and Elder Esplin are leaving. I was pretty bummed out but I've been here a while. I love it here. Stay tuned for next week to see where I am going.....
Elder Saunders
Prep Day  May 2017 

Beautiful Lake Livingston at the end of our day  May 2017

Saying goodbye to Onalaska! Elder Abbott, Elder Esplin, Bro Dillard, Elder Saunders and my furry friend May 2017

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