Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hello Lake Charles, Louisiana!

Monday, May 15, 2017                                        Lake Charles, Louisiana

" So I got transferred to a place called Lake Charles. It is in Louisiana. I'm pumped that I can say I actually served in Louisiana. Our area is awesome-it is super city and so easy to contact people. Goodbye to knocking doors. We have a college in our there are tons of young people. Our apartment is super nice and has a really good gym-so we are hitting that up. It is a perfect area to end my mission in. 

This week we cleaned up an investigators home. Cockroaches and spiders everywhere-and you know how much I love Spiders and Cockroaches. 

We talked to a bunch of people but not really any cool stories, yet, but we did have quite a bit of success. 

We had a crawfish boil at a recent converts home. It was so awesome. I ate a ton of crawfish. He boiled some pineapple, corn and potatoes. It was amazing. Really, really good.

On Sunday we went to church. The ward is super young-like 90% are like low 30's  and under. Pretty crazy. I got to Skype my family which is always a plus. My last one before coming home. After we had burgers and Boudin. Yum. I am in an another area with amazing member support. 
Elder Saunders
Lake Charles, Here we come! May 2017

This ones for you, Mom! I know how much you like bridges May 2017

Keep on wishing, Son! May 2017

Utah Boys Eating Crab May 2017

How do we do this? Elders Saunders and Kent May 2017

We can do this! May 2017

Last Skype call May 2017

Mothers Day dinner at the Sanders! Yum!

Mothers Day Burgers and Boudin(stuffed Cajun sausages) It was amazing! 

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