Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Courage to Believe...

Monday, May 22, 2017                                                  Lake Charles, LA

" On P-day we went with some members and some missionaries to this gator trail and it was super cool. We saw some pretty cool gators and at times we were close. It was farther away then you think-I say that for my mom. The members would never let us get hurt. After we went to this Asian place and there was this super good food. My companion, Elder Kent, got chicken strips, ha ha. I learned how to peel a crab.

Tuesday I had a dentist appointment in Atascocita which is 3 hours away. We left at 11:00 and I drove. Elder Kent slept the whole way. We got there early. Come to find out that the dentist was a member in Kingwood and I actually knew him kinda well. While we were up there, we had our car checked for emissions. We drove back and got home about 7 and had dinner.

The next day we helped a member pack cause she's moving. She put on the Moana soundtrack and it was playing while we were packing. It sounded amazing. I'm excited to see the movie cause the track sounded good. Also we had dinner at some members house and the wife knew knows my cousins. ha ha. 

On Thursday a guy tell us we needed to leave a trailer park and actually threatened us with a dog and on Friday this guy waved us down and tried to bash us about prophets. As missionaries I am glad we have the courage to believe. To believe that we know that God lives and he sent a prophet to teach us. The courage to share Christs message with others. Good things happened, too. We talked to this lady in an apartment complex and she seems pretty solid. We also stopped by this part member family and he is inactive but he wants to feed us. We had dinner on Friday with some recent converts and they fed us lobster and steak. It was so good. 

Saturday we stopped by this part member family. We talked with him and he pretty much believed everything. He told us he believes the Book of Mormon is true and even told us he'd pass one out to his friend. He even said he would consider being baptized. We also met this other part member family. The daughter is like 16 and not baptized. Her mom is always gone and she asked for a Book of Mormon, so that is cool. 

We had this lesson with an investigator who we taught for the first time. She was taught a while back. We taught her the restoration and she said she believed it the first time she was taught and she believes it still, so we asked her to be baptized and she said, yes. So that was cool and she made us cheesecake and it was super good. 
Elder Saunders
Our district on the Gator Trail......

Gators on P-day- Quite a sight for a Utah Elder...

Strawberry pie that Elder Kent and I made....

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