Friday, June 30, 2017

Last Companion, Transfers and Hurricane Cindy.....

Mondays-Jun 19 & 26                                                    Lake Charles, LA

*Super short emails for both weeks so I combined them and they are still not very long. But there are pictures-oh yes there are pictures.... 

" We had three people at church this week, our Korean friend and a girl named Cher and her son.

We gave a blessing in a hospital and we had to put on protective clothing. It is getting hotter outside and college just started up. 

My companion, Elder Kent is leaving today so I get to drive 3 hours to Houston and 3 hours back. Elder Kent is awesome. 

We woke up at 4:oo this transfer day (June 19) and went crabbing. 

This past Monday (26th) the wifi was broken for the longest time, so sorry for the long wait but it finally started to work. My new companion is Elder Ludlow and he goes home Aug 1, so just a short transfer with him. He is pretty tight and a good elder to end my mission with.

Most of our week was full of people warning us about tropical Storm Cindy, so we were pumped to see it. When that day came, we waited and waited and nothing. It finally started raining and it only rained for like a couple of hours and then it was just a drizzle. A little disappointing because we love to do service but at least now I can say I've been through a tropical storm. 

We met a ton of people this week. We have a couple of people on date for baptism. We did a lot of sandbagging for people for the storm. 

God is good. 
Elder Saunders
Giving a blessing of protection while we wore protective gear

Our district before transfers.....


The calm before the storm-Tropical Cindy....

Fun p-day at the beach

Rad p-day at the beach 

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