Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Don't Know What to Call This One

***Please read the previous Sept 28 post and Oct 5 post and this one- Mom got behind.... sorry!***

Oct 12, 2015

" So after this my emails should be a lot easier to read because I now have an ipad so I can just write in it day to day instead of trying to remember things all week and it becoming a jumbled mess. First of all I would like to start with how prayer works. So...the ward has stopped signing up for feeding the missionaries and we have been forced to eat the food which we have. It isn't bad but we were running low so I don't know about Elder Knebel, but I didn't want to starve so I prayed and said, "God, it would be good if we got more people to feed us." We passed around the lunch calendar on Sunday and... we got one more person that signed up but I didn't think much of it. Then we were tracting and were talked to this old guy and he said his son passed away 3 days ago. We were talking to him and he said, " Y'all know I'm having a BBQ in a couple of weeks in my sons honor. You seem like cool guys so why don't y'all stop by and get some to eat. I cook super good burgers from my secret recipe." He said his kids want to know the recipe but he wouldn't tell them(then he proceeded to tell us the secret recipe) After that we were talking to a person and she stops us mid sentence and asks if we like Boudin ( note from mom: googled boudin and it is rice, onions, pepper and meat stuffed into a sausage casing-cajun)  She then grabs a full bag of it and gives it to us. Then we were talking to a guy washing his sports car and he told us to come by later this week and he would take us out to dinner. Finally, we were teaching an investigator and she brought out some chips and salsa and told us that the next time we come over she will cook us something. So the moral of the story is, God answers prayers, even the dumb ones. Another example of this is the other elders were praying for a couch because they don't have one and 3 weeks later a guy asked them if they wanted two couches!

Our investigators are good. One of them, with a baptism date, told us that he just recently had a beer. We were like you said you hate beer. He was like, yeah, but it tastes good with wings. We retaught him and he said he would stop everything cause he really wants to be baptized. Quick side note-I really have trouble with the Young Single Adult Elders. We have had 3 people with a date that we turned over to them because they were younger than 30. I know that it's not about the numbers but we honestly do the work and they just get free baptisms. Its like doing a whole test and somebody writes their name on it....Back on topic-We have two others on date and both are really solid and want to be baptized.

The other day I had another exchange with Elder Lawrence. He is such a chill guy. His area bikes so my rear was way sore and my calves felt like rotisserie chickens. It was super hot because it always super hot down here. 

Next day we had a training meeting down in Houston which sucks and it sucked even more cause we had to drive there and the miles counted so now we are down 200 miles until the next month, so now we have to bike to places we would drive so we don't go over.

We fed a homeless guy at the end of the day. Elder Knebel was prompted to go to this house but no one was home. We were going back home when we saw this kid walking down the street alone at 8:45. Elder Knebel was like "You're going to to give him a Book of Mormon" and I was like, No, it's late and he's probably on drugs." So we went back and forth. Elder Knebel was driving so he pulled by him and rolled my window down and I talked to him. I actually had talked to him before and he said it is so cool because he spent the night in jail and was praying and he wants to go to church now. I gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to church.

Now for how to be Texan: Say, "It'll be a minute" for everything like driving to Washington , It'll be a minute." Buying a house, "it'll be a minute" or I'm going to be rich, but it'll be a minute. This concludes how to be Texan for this week.

Now for my cool non spiritual experiences. I met a polygamy family who wants to go to church. Some people in my apartment broke into the apartment storage sheds. They broke the locks off of seven  of them and they tried to break ours and couldn't break the lock and moved on. WE know this because our door is jacked up and our lock is too. It was still locked. My mom sent me some more pants but she up'd the size on my pants two waist sizes so now I'm self conscious. ( Note from mom: 2 pairs of pants were perfect and the third slightly bigger-sorry son ) 

Bye y'all,
Elder Saunders                my apartment in Orange, Texas 
                                          notice the awesome Christmas lights in our Apt.
                                          P-day in Orange, Texas Oct, 2015

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  1. Awe.. weird I enjoy reading your sons letters just as much as I enjoy reading Chads! Thank you for sharing!!!! Your son has a great sense of humor. I know that those guys are really having a good time!!!!