Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rain....that's about it

Monday, Sept 28, 2015

"For some reason, I don't know what to write about so this one might be kinda short. It has rained for like 4 days and hasn't stopped so everything is like flooded, so that is fun. We met a lot of investigators. I've noticed in Orange that there is two categories of people, the poor and the rich. When you go to a rich neighborhood, you get big cool houses that have everything you could imagine. The people, however are so cocky that they will rarely talk to you, much less let you teach them. The poor neighborhoods are small houses and. Almost everyone of them will let you teach them or at least be super nice to you. I've learned many things so far. The less you have, the more humble you are to receive things. If you are rich, you are doing fine, so why would you want to change your life? The poor neighborhoods are great. They are so humble and are such great people. Even though you are not of their faith, they will help you in anyway possible. One lady has many kids and her husband died recently. She is so positive and is trying so hard to take care of her kids and also to take care of her neighbors. There are many others that we are trying to teach that I could go on and on about.

We have had a lot of service opportunities which is good because I can wear my street clothes...
down side is we are two weeks into the mission and I have already lost my mag tag. I'm down to one tag. One guy we helped move in had four eighteen wheelers full of stuff. He had a huge house and we filled his whole house, his four car garage, two huge storage sheds, and half of his backyard. He had no idea where to put stuff. We had another guy that we helped clean his house and he was a hoarder, so we kept having to hide the stuff he brought out because he would take it out and then change his mind and want it back in. We took his table and chairs and started to carry it off to chuck it in the dumpster, but I saw him come out and so I told the elders and we so smoothly walked past the dumpster and put it under a tree and we told him and we told him the table needed to be in the shade so it wouldn't get too hot. We then convinced him that someone else needed the table so we called a member and they picked it up. The member kept it to give to someone else so everything worked out.

I had an exchange a couple of weeks ago with Elder Strong in Vidor. It was great. He is a cool dude and he sounds like and acts like one of my friends back home. We started the day by doing spoken pedal and we found a guy who was super smart and did not like the Catholic church. We tried to teach him but everything we would say he would relate to quantum mechanics and how the earth's time laps over itself and people get transported into the future. Really weird stuff. Honestly it blew my mind. He said how he hates tithing and how he went to prison. Somehow we taught a lesson and he accepted a Book of Mormon. We also saw a guy with a confederate flag t-shirt with a helmet on, sitting on a dirt bike holding a fishing pole. Elder Strong also taught me many scriptures I can use to talk to some of the Baptist priests. After that we went to dinner at the Young Women's Conference which was really awkward. It was like four Elders and one hundred sisters! They just kept staring at us and asking why we were there so we just got our food and ate behind the curtain where they couldn't see us. First time in my life, I have ever felt so uninvited. The Relief Society person came through the door and laughed and told us to go sit with everyone else.

Yesterday we went to Bro. D's house for crim pen kern (corn and shrimp) which was really good. He has the coolest collections of magazines and toy cars and clocks and stories. After that we biked in the pouring rain that soaked everything, including my waterproof coat. We get soaked everyday-it's either rain or sweat....pick your poison. It is still raining and all the streets are flooded and the water is deep and I can barely see-it is raining so hard. We get our miles back in 3 days, then we have a car again until the miles run out. We are trying to get black people and young people to join our ward because Orange is old and white. I really love it here. The members are great. Just today, a member took us to run errands cause we ran out of miles. If you call a member, they will always say yes no matter what you asked them. Love, Elder Saunders

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