Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter to Mom and Dad :) Sept 21, 2015

I asked my mom and dad to share a few things from my email to them in hopes that maybe it might help someone.

" I am doing well. It's been crazy with trying to teach people. Most of the people here are nice, but the most common phrase is: 'I appreciate y'all but I've been a baptist for 40 years. It is always 40 years-never 30, 20, or 10. There was a girl who had to be at most, 25. She still said 40. Maybe it's like dog years or something. 

It is also strange because all the rich houses won't hear you out. They will turn you away as soon as they see you. The most success we have is at the small apartments. I figure it's because they have nothing to lose. Most of them have hit rock bottom. Even if they don't need another religion, they just want someone to talk to that won't try and sell them drugs. They are the most humble and most prepared by far, to hear us. It's strange to be at the other end. To be in these small apartments and look through the eyes of others. You start to appreciate them more and care for them. You are sad when people won't hear you out. I've become a lot more selfless.

Let me tell you, most people here let their dogs run free. Some of the dogs are mean and I've almost been bitten a couple of times. Most people love us and like that we are giving away 2 years to devote to Christ and his teachings. They love us, but not our faith. 

The football games here are huge on Fridays. It is a ghost town because everyone goes to the games and the stadiums. Even a small town like Orange are big. 

It is actually getting harder to spell words because here they slur a lot of words. Some words I have to change because I forgot how to spell them now. Like the word 'stadium' It took me a good 5 minutes to spell even with spell check. 

Got to go,
Love, Andrew

Also, here is the last picture I  took at the MTC in Provo of the elders in my district in at the Provo Temple. Notice the blue tint-isn't that awesome, mom? 
Elder Taylor, Elder Andrew,(going to Texas Houston East) Elder Richey, Elder Stout ( going to Oklahoma) Elder Saunders, Elder Dabb also going to T.H.E. mission.

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