Sunday, September 6, 2015

On his way to the MTC...

One of the hardest things we have ever had to do is to send him off to the MTC. We were in such shock at sending him that we didnt get a famous send off picture. As Dad described it (ok, use your imagination here) it was as a light shone down on Andrew and he walked away chatting with his escort. In that moment we knew he would be okay.

We did get pictures of the lunch that Elder Saunders' brother in law, Ben, treated us all to before he went to the Missionary Training Center. Andrew has a great love for his sisters, Mollie and Disney. They have both been there for him all through his life. As a bonus he was blessed with two brother-in-laws, Ben and Andrew (yes, another Andrew so we started calling Elder Saunders, Drew) that have always included him in their lives and for that we are grateful. And as a double bonus Elder Saunders has 3 nephews, Flynn, Tuck, and Cache and one niece, Everlie. It was hard for him to leave us all. We are so proud of him and await the first email! There is a better one of Mollie's family but I couldn't get it to download off his phone. Looks like an edit on this post, soon :)

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