Sunday, September 20, 2015

I'm here Mom and Dad!- 1st email in the mission field-Orange, TX

Tues. Sept 15, 2015

In Elder Saunders words:
" So you know how I said I wouldn't be able to talk this week? Well, I was wrong because I didn't know my companion was going to be so chill. His name is Elder Knebel and he is a stud. Honestly, the perfect fit! My first area is in Orange, which is about 2 hours away from our mission home and about 15 minutes from Louisiana. My area is split because we have 2 other companionships, so I honestly get the back roads, no city whatsoever. 

I haven't really done much cause I just got here, but I did go to the store and let me tell you it is different! People will ignore you, they will avoid you, even if you say 'hi' , the best you are going to get is a mumbled hello. That is just some of the people, the others are super friendly. One guy came up to us and said how much he respected us, not our faith but us. He said he talks to missionaries all the time but he won't get converted. We talked with him for a while and somehow Elder Knebel got his address and phone number. The apartments are okay. It's not fancy by any means, cause y'all :) know we live in a small town. Also, everyone here has thee best accent. You don't find that in the city, only in small town back roads. 

So far we are teaching an investigator today and we have a baptism on Saturday. Sometime this week we are going to a BBQ thing. I don't know much about it, but when we were helping a member move his bed, he mentioned it. 

Oh  ya, I forgot to tell you how beautiful it is down here. There are trees everywhere! It almost looks like Oregon! Everything is green and I mean everything. The landscaping is amazing and looks so great, especially in Kingwood. Um, the humidity is bad! When I took a shower today I dried off, then dried off, then I gave up because I couldn't get dry. Also I found one of gods greatest gifts and its air conditioners. We have like 4 in our apartment and it still isn't enough. It is so hot out here, you are honestly soaked all day whether it is rain or sweat. But, I like it here. I'm kinda overwhelmed, but I can get through it. 

We have a pretty nice car that we jam music through. Elder Knebel said that David Archeletta's sister is coming to my mission in November so that's kinda cool. I sleep like a baby. It felt really good to sleep after sleeping for two hours the day before. I don't really have much to say so see y'all next week. Oh yeah, they pronounce my name Elder Saundaas. No 'R's in Texas-Love, Elder Saunders
All the new missionaries that came into T.H.E. mission Sept 14 2015

Mission President Elder and Sister Drake and Elder Andrew Saunders
Elder Saunders and his new trainer, Elder Knebel
my first baptism with Elder Knebel, Orange, Texas Sept 18, 2015

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