Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our first email!! What a glorious day! Sept 7, 2015

In Elder Saunders words:

" I'm not going to lie, the first day I felt like I was in spirit prison. They like to lay it on you and I actually had thoughts that I couldn't do it. Then came Sunday. Sunday is amazing! It is so spiritual and I grew so much in faith. We study for about 12 hours a day and my companion is Elder Dabb. He is petty cool and knows a lot of things because he did splits with the missionaries, A LOT, but I love him. We also have Elder Stout, Elder Richey, Elder Taylor, and Elder Andrew. I love them all so much. We bonded so quickly and honestly when we go back to our dorm, we make each other laugh so much. It is so fun and I am blessed to have them. Now back to the Actual class, they get boring. I've noticed that since I stutter, I can't speak the same way that everyone else can, but that's good. I speak from the heart and they started to call me the Spiritual Giant. Honestly I love it here. My testimony is growing and we have to say about 14 prayers a day and sing about 7 a day. It has gotten me so close to God. I can feel his love. While you may think this immature lad won't change, I can tell you that he has. I love this church. I love the members. I love all of you and while you pray for me, I will pray for you. I will leave you with a promise that when you say your prayers, say them with all your might, mind and strength. . If you do this, I can guarantee you that not only will he answer your prayers, he will stay with you and you will experience the love that he has for you. I love you all so much and miss you. My next P-day is in the mission field because we leave on Monday, so it might be two weeks before I can write. I miss talking to my old friends, but I know I will see you all again. Much love from Elder Saunders

So I got more time, so I'll go in depth. ( note from his mother transcribing this-our email was about 7 lines-go figure :)
Elder Stout, I call him Elder Trout. He and Elder Richey (AKA Elder Ricky) are going to OKC. Then we have Elder Taylor who we call the blue chair guy because of the comments he makes which actually have to do with Elder Andrew. We call Elder Andrew, Elder Charming because Elder Taylor said that during class, his charm was rubbing off on him. I am Elder Sandstorm because Elder Andrew when he first met me, called me Sandstrum and Elder Stout heard that wrong. So that's us. The other missionaries are so cool and one can bark exactly like a dog. We honestly make new friends every day and I am getting pretty popular down here ;) We study so much and it has helped. We taught investigators already down here and me and Elder Dabbs are a super combo. All the teachers say that we sound like seasoned missionaries. The investigators run out of questions to ask us because we answer them so well. Now, I may sound cocky, but Ammon in the Book of Mormon said, "I boast not in my own strength, but in the strength of the Lord." We have found so much success and when we teach, both of us have words that flow out of our mouths. Just two days ago, I came up with an analogy about golf and sins. It helped the investigator so much, he started to cry. I never planned to say that and I have no idea where those words came from.  On another note, I love the food down here and have gained weight. Like a lot of weight, lol. I now run around the track for exercise time, just so I can regain my holy form :)  We watched a video by David Bednar called "The Character of Christ" He gave the talk during Christmas in the MTC. Let me tell you he changed a tall, fat elder named Saunders and he made him cry, laugh, and change his life. I have a whole different outlook on life. I love you all and my next P-Day will probably be in two weeks, cause we leave next Monday, so see you in two.
Elder Saunders

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