Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Getting Ready for a Texas Christmas

Monday Dec 13, 2015

Ok, now. I am still sick, but I am getting better, with that said I am currently working on a will to sign my stuff over in case I die. Well, enough with that drama fest. Let's get into what y'all actually came for, stories of us Elders.

The other elders took our car and drove down to transfers, so we had them drop us off at the church at 10:00 am. The Hammonds picked us up at 6:00 and took us to the Evans house where we ate dinner. We ate chili, which is really weird because if you knew me before, I hated beans.(***so sorry, he gets his dislike of beans from his mom) Honestly, I have eaten them so much down here. Maybe it is because down here they know how to cook them and it tastes super good. I had three bowls full of chili. Then Bishop Evans grabbed the turkey oil the he used to fry 5 turkeys and he put it by the fire and then he pushed it over on the fire and it got bright. I recorded it if it comes through, but it was much brighter then what the camera shows. After that we had blue bell and brownies and Elder Lawrence came back with his new Companion, Elder Venche.

So today we woke up and did our service. We went to an investigators house to teach their kids. The father wants them all to be baptized on the same day. We taught the kids and no kidding it was so funny. Each of her kids have way different personalities. Her oldest who is eleven, acts like she is 16 and is really mature and answered a lot of questions. She was very interested in what we had to say. Then, you have her second oldest who is nine. He is the kind where he can't focus and will say he understands then ask you really funny questions that don't relate at all. The third oldest who is seven and she is the biggest redneck kid you will ever meet. How she talks and acts, is so funny. All three of them together are hilarious. We ask them questions and they would say an answer and then the other ones would say a completely different answer and they all would fight and try to prove the other wrong. 

After the lesson, the Arringtons took us out to eat at the Tex -Mex place called , 'Two Amigos". Now you may ask, how do you know it is Tex-Mex? That is a valid question. The answer to that is well if it was an actual Mexican restaurant, it would be called 'Dos Amigos'. This place was actually pretty good. I had the steak fajitas and it was really weird because they brought out the ingredients on a plate and then gave me the tortillas. So they let you build your own. I have never built my dinner while I was at a restaurant, but I guess that's what they do down here. 

We went to Orange County Services and worked there today. Connie is a lady in charge and she is super funny and actually quite crazy. She took us into the back room and then she said it is getting close to Christmas. She gave us all gift card to Subway. We then visited a investigator and he's super cool and he wants to take us to Beaumont to play pool with him at a bar. He did say he would order root beer for us and he said the bar is pretty family welcomed before 7:00. It was funny and we for sure won't be able to make it.

We went to a cowboy store and looked at all these boots that were super expensive. The lowest were like $150 and the highest were $765. I guess they mean business in Texas when it comes to hats. They are actually pretty wxpensive if you buy an authentic Texas hat. It costs like $150 and an expert will come out and fit the hat to your head. Anyway we went there to buy overalls but they were out of stock, so we looked around and found this sweet tie that shows a couple of Cowboys that are sitting around a campfire in the winter. It is so cool. We cooked chicken at the other elders apt. , but we bought crappy chicken and we pretty much ate straight fat and tendons. We played basketball with some investigators . We are outta shape..

We went to the ward Christmas party today. It was super good. We ate a bunch and then we did spoken pedal. I guess that West Orange high school is the semi state champions. Everywhere we went people were playing the game so we just heart the game and tried to teach people. We found this guy in his car and we taught him between commercials. I guess West Orange won by 20 so now they are in the state championship. They are playing next week on the Texans field. They are able to play there because they won. All the schools in Orange got cancelled on the day they play, that is how big football is down here. 

After that we went to a members home and they had the best garlic bread I've ever tasted. We also had Italian sausages and a bunch of other food. They showed us this dog called the Saint Bardoodle. Its a Saint Bernard/Poodle mix. It was really cool. The only thing is that they late feeding us and we were scheduled to have another dinner so we left the house and went straight to Dennys to eat with another family. Elder Hunter and I tried to the smallest thing on the menu. Dennys doesn't serve small plates. I got this breakfast grilled cheese thing thinking it was like an average slice of bread. But no they bring out these two halves that are probably as big as my ego. So me and Elder Hunter try to do every trick in the book to fit this down. We did the Samoan press, tightening the belt, leaning forward, water with every bite. It got so bad I would chew for 5 minutes because I could not swallow anymore. We managed to talk and eat it all but when we got to the car we moaned and felt so sick. We are pretty much waiting to die.

Elder Saunders
Elder Lawrence, Kevin, Elder Saunders

bonfire at Bishop Evans Dec 2015 Orange, TX

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