Monday, December 14, 2015

One Sick Missionary

Monday Dec 7, 2015-Orange, Texas

" So I'm still sick. This is the longest I've ever been sick. I might have bronchitis but it's not exactly for sure, so lets suffer through this and type it out. 

I woke up with a terrible cough and a runny nose. I came to the conclusion that I am gonna die pretty soon so I'm making a will for when I die. Most of my stuff will go to my companion.

So we have no dinner appointments for this week so we decided to go to Taco Bell. We were talking about the Holy Ghost and then a person came up to us and he said he was the Bishop for Nederland. We started to talk and he was super cool and he joked around with us. Then randomly he was like, "I bet y'all guys are hungry!" And we smiled and said that he didn't have to pay for us. He's like, " Haha pay for it? Ya, right." We are half laughing thinking that this guy is gonna rob the place. Instead he walks up to the counter and tells them he needs a couple of tacos, a couple of burritos, and some other stuff. He then told them to make it quick. We're thinking this guy is awesome! He said he was over here inspecting the place-his job is to inspect the food and establishment. 

He grabbed the food and passed it out and then he asked us if we wanted cinnamon twists on the house. He said as soon as he asked that Elder Hunter had that gleam in his eye. He said, I'll go get y'all some . He came back with 3 bags of cinnamon twists. He then left to inspect the bathrooms and didn't come out for over 15 min. and we had to go to an appointment so we didn't get to say goodbye to him. The funny thing was when we were leaving, people saw that we were friends with him so we had like 'street cred' and even the people that worked there made it a goal to say bye to us. 

I got a package from my friend's parents and they sent me a super cool reindeer Santa hat, a way cool penguin tie, and some super good Norwegian chocolate. 

You know how I was talking about the drug dealer that lives across from us? Well at 10:55 we were getting into bed and then the door rings. Now both of us are confused cause the rule is you have to be in bed at 10:30 and the other elders had exchanges, so it's not like they would come over unless it was an emergency. So we go to the door and look through the peep hole and there was this guy in a hoodie and a hat. He kept his face down, so we couldn't see his face. He rang the door bell again and he knocked twice(which is what the people do to the drug dealers apt). So my companion says, "Whose this?" and the guy answers, " Hairy( *note from parents: Pretty sure he meant to type Harry but it looked so fun how he spelled it.*) My companion said, "Sorry, homes, you got the wrong house. It was almost super funny cause when he said that he sounded like African American. Like a perfect accent and timing and everything. The guy walks away and I turn to my companion and I'm like, "Dude, how did you do that voice?"  My comp said, "Man, I don't know, it just came out that way." We were talking about it and we figured out why he came to our door is because we're #63 and the drug dealer lives in #73, so maybe he got the number wrong. Maybe a giant picture of Jesus wasn't obvious enough to know that we aren't those guys. 

Today was a good day. We woke up and went to go help a guy move some stuff into his house. We get there and it is super muddy. We found out that all the cardboard boxes were muddy and spilled everywhere. We got pretty muddy in pros clothes. This guy is a complete redneck cause we were putting the furniture under the house and he had a burning tub, a tub just to burn stuff. 

After that we went to Orange County Services and helped out. We met with a guy named Homer and he told us that his brother just recently passed away. We had a good lesson. After that we met with our recent convert, Casey. She committed to come to church again and also attend the other elders baptism. 

As we were driving away we get this call from an inactive member, Scott, and he asked us if we were free around 6. We told him yes and he told us to meet him at Kotoyamas. We met up with him and he already got us an appetizer (egg rolls). Then Scott says, 'I got y'all the hottest waitress". We laughed and he told us relationship advice. He bought us a ton of sushi that was actually super good. I ate two rolls. Elder Hunter only managed 1 and 1/2. After that, Elder Hunter gave a baptismal interview to the other elders investigator. 

Today we went to OCS again and apparently they had this huge food drive, cause when we came in, there was this huge truck full of food. We unloaded it and weighed them and it ended up being 5,500 lbs that we loaded off, then another truck came that was carrying about 1,500 lbs. So we had our work cut out for us today. 

Then we did an Hour of Power district blitz. A district blitz is where the whole district goes to one of the companions areas and all of them go and pretty much contact the whole neighborhood. We went to the sisters area cause they had an investigator move and they gave them the street but not the actual address. The street they put down was way huge street. We said a prayer and then we split up and did three companions per street. We were knocking on every door trying to find the investigator. We're walking past a house when we hear a person say, Reanna(which is the person we are looking for). We walk around the house and find another house completely hidden. Standing in front of that house was the sister's investigators. We talked to her and then we left and told the sisters we had found them. Now the sisters love us, haha. We had a celebratory subway sandwich. Everyone guessed who was getting transferred. Everyone thought I was gonna leave. 

We went to the church today to have combined companionship study with the sisters. I was on exchanges with Elder Lawrence so we were able to go to the family history room. We went on lds. org and took 2 lessons in Spanish. For lunch we went to the 'Old Orange Cafe'. It is a super old restaurant and is one of the first restaurants in Orange. It is only open at lunchtime. I had a BBQ chicken sandwich, and it was so good. We had some appointments and then we went to dinner at this small shack on the side of the road. It's BBQ and actually pretty famous. It is called, 'The Hut'. I got the chopped brisket sandwich and it was amazing! We came home after that to see who got flushed today. So far we know of two people and transfer calls come in tomorrow. Elder Hunter says he's going but he's staying.

We were unloading a truck for food storage in the morning and then we baked a cake for the sister's investigators, cause the sisters asked us to and we did so I guess we are whipped, haha. Then we went to the elders baptism which was pretty cool. It was their first baptism. 

Later we went to the apartments and this cute black kid who is about 6, comes up to us and said hey, what do you do?. So we told him that we go around and teach about Jesus. The kid goes, " I want to learn about Jesus." So we are teaching him and his friend comes up and says, "Yo, man. Come back and play football. The kid said, 'No man. I hearing about Jesus. I wanna hear about him." The friend ran and told his friends and about 20 black kids run to us, so we taught them about Jesus and showed them a video. It was so cool. After that it was super dark and the kids ran in. It is sketchy here in the dark. As we were leaving the complex we saw a legit drug deal and believe it or not, this is my fourth one. 

We got dinner and went home and waited for transfers to come. Elder Hunter put everyone on a group call and had them guess and everyone said me or Elder Lawrence. Hunter smiled and said that Elder Wood was going. Everyone was surprised and Elder Lawrence was mad. Cause he has been in a biking area for 13 months straight. Elder Hunter said the only reason I'm staying is cause the President loves me and thinks I can change the district around. I don't understand that cause I just got done training.

Church was today and we taught Priest class. Then we sang in the ward choir. It was bad because I'm still not 100% so I couldn't really sing. Brother Kole took us home teaching and we went to these people who were less active and they loved us and really wanted us to come back. After that we had dinner at the Kole's and they took us back to the apartment.

When we arrived, President Drake called Elder Hunter and asked him how he felt that I was leaving. To which Elder Hunter said, " Actually, we're both staying." Then the President said, No, he's leaving. Who told you that?"  And Elder Hunter said, 'The Zone leaders." President Drake was super quiet and then finally said, "Well, I guess that's right." So I'm pretty sure this is my last transfer here cause the President already thought I got transferred.
Elder Saunders


Penguin tie and Reindeer hat  from the Odlands-Orange, Texas Dec 2015

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