Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So this is Christmas....

Monday, Dec 28, 2015

" This week was pretty great and I got to google hangout with my family so I lost care to write this weeks email to its fullest potential, but it is pretty good. 

Today the Hammonds came in while we were all emailing and gave us all presents so they told us to come and open them. They got us some frisbee golf frisbees. I, along with everyone else , did horrible. It was still super fun especially with everyone around. We went and got sushi and I experimented and got the Obe roll. It was super good. I found out that when you eat out, get water with lemon in it and add one or two sweetener packs and it makes really good lemonade. I then went to Vidor on exchanges. 

In Vidor we went to teach this one guy and as we were driving, Elder Strong felt inspired to teach this one guy on his porch. He is about 25ish. We flip a U and go back and park on the side of the road. The guy signals to pull in the driveway so we pull in. He was actually pretty solid. We start to teach him and he is understanding and asking questions. He is actually pretty interested. Then he looked and pointed to a car coming down the road and says, "That's my dad comin down." We're like cool and we resume teaching him. So his dad pulls into the driveway and then gets out. He slams his hand on the top of his car making a loud bang. Then he said some really bad curse words and told us to get off his property. So me and Elder Strong were so surprised so we just sat there. Honestly, it was only three seconds and he got even more mad and said some things that are too bad to bleep out, so we hurried out and went and found another guy to teach. We told him our experience and he started to cuss out the guy who cussed us out. 

We took  a guy out with us, who had barely got home from his mission in Korea, to see some investigators and it turned out to be a horrible idea.  He was asking us to do a bunch of weird stuff that they would do in Korea. He also would start talking in Korean. Then he had to go so he dropped us off at this investigators house. We taught the investigator and then since we didn't have a car or bikes, we walked 3 miles to our apt. and it started to rain. We arrived at our apt and we were going to grab our bikes, but we talked to one of our investigators that live right under us and asked him to take us to our car. He said yes. We hopped into his car which smelled like smoke and had a bunch of neon lights in it and funky music. But it was still better than biking for 7 miles in the rain. Then we grabbed our Orange Zone socks that we ordered.

Besides proselyting, one thing we did out of the ordinary is we fried the chicken hearts. They actually tasted pretty good. I am not going to lie, it was like chicken nuggets mixed with sausage. After we made them we took some over to the sisters and told them it was homemade chicken ....Cause that's not a lie. After a little persuading and having all of us try one, Sister Wilson took one and put the whole thing in her mouth. She said, "It has a different taste, but it is not bad." Then Sister Madsen took one and bit a piece and said it tasted nasty and it must be a bad piece so she took another and did the same thing and then spit it out. Then Sister Wilson asked for another and starts to chew it. Elder Lawrence then asked her if she wanted to know what she was eating. Both of them looked at us with fire and fright in their eyes and Sister Wilson said, "It's not chicken?" To which we said that well it is but it isn't . Then Elder Lawrence says, "It's CHICKEN HEARTS!" Sister Wilson gags all of it out and Sister Madsen runs over and shuts the door. We can hear them screaming and gagging and yelling, " I ate a heart!" and this went on for about 6 min. We were laughing so hard we were on the ground. We couldn't breathe we were dying laughing. After those 6 min. Sister Wilson opened the door and says that they want an apology from everyone of you. We talked and showed them the picture of the raw chicken hearts and one of us cooking them. It was one of the best moments of my life and after that we went back to the apt. and I cracked open another Norwegian chocolate bar that my friends mom sent me cause it was a day to remember, so why not.

So today was Christmas Eve and we woke up and it didn't feel like Christmas Eve at all cause at 7:00 am, it was 76 degrees outside and extremely humid. We went and helped a guy move some stuff and it rained a ton so it was really muddy and swampy. We made cookies at Bishop Evan's home. We held their Chinchillas and their hedgehog. Then we ate dinner at Sis. Burgins home and they cooked this huge Brisket and it was so good. They also cooked a bunch of other things, but oh the brisket. We played some games with them. After that , Bishop Evans picked us up and we delivered the cookies we made to people's houses. 

So Christmas day we woke up and we opened whatever presents that we didn't already open, ha ha. We went to the church and as a district we cooked breakfast. We went to the Evans house and I google hangout with my family. It was kinda weird because I felt like I was breaking the rules. It is almost like talking face to face but it's not. So it was kinda weird but it was really good and I loved it. After that while the other elders facetimed, we either played with the Evans kids toys, built a play set, or ate and hung out with the fam. At the end we went with the bishop and put cookies on peoples porches and rang the bell, then ran and jumped in the car. Then the Bishop gave us a bunch of presents to give to this family that was struggling, so we did. The mom sent us a text and thanked us and said her kids were so happy and our trying to figure out who did it. An awesome day.

Elder Saunders
These chicken heart nuggets are amazing!
me and my Special Angel Buddy at the rodeo, Nov 2015 Orange, TX
Christmas Day at the Evans-Elder Hunter is so sleepy!

Special Angels rodeo in Orange, TX Nov 2015
Elder Hunter and Elder Saunders cooking those chicken heart nuggets-Dec 2015 in Orange, TX

We loved google hangout with our Sweet Elder-Christmas Day 2015 in Orange, TX

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