Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Chick-fil-a Week-It was Good!

Monday Feb 15, 2015

" So today was actually a really good day. We started off the day by going by an investigators house to give them the drop talk, which is pretty much where you tell them that we will still be your friend, but we can't keep teaching you cause you aren't keeping commitments. When she answered she told us that she read what we asked her to read and that she was trying to get Sundays off from work so she could come to church. So...we ended up teaching her and actually set a baptismal date for her.

We then met with a person named Joanne. Honestly, she is the most prepared person I've ever met, like she receives revelation like no other. Today she was like, " So someone told me y'all used to do polygamy. So I was confused about it. I was praying about why they used to do polygamy and the thought came to me that it is like in the Bible times where men needed to marry other women to be able to support and take care of them. Is that why y'all did it?" Honestly, I was completely dumbfounded cause no one has ever said that and answered it so perfectly. I managed to say, Yeah, that is exactly it." We go on to have a really great lesson, one of the best I have ever had. We say the memorized part of the first vision to her and afterwards she said if the first missionaries told her that, she might have gotten baptized a long time ago. I mean she is so prepared. She even tells her friends about how Mormons really are. Her friends won't talk to us cause they hate Mormons. She does have a few personal problems, but hopefully she can get over them.

So we rearranged our apartment today!

Today we went to Chick-fil-a! It was a bad idea cause now I'm not even halfway through the month and I have $20 dollars left, so yeah that will be fun. We also had a lesson with my boy, Mohammed. We were talking about what kind of food he eats out there. He told us that when we come back he would buy a bunch of Egyptian food so we can try it. Like I freaken love that guy! So yeah we are going to have an Egyptian feast on Monday.

The next day we ate at this restaurant named, "Mikes Old Fashioned Soda Fountain". I got their sausage and chicken gumbo. It was so good. We then head to Orange, Texas cause when I was there, I was working with this family for about two months and 3 outta 4 are getting baptized. The dad had a relapse but the kids are super excited to get baptized. We got one of our investigators to drive us. It was cool to see all the Orange Ward people and the other missionaries I served with and especially the family!

We had a person just show up at church which is super rare. After church we went to her house and taught her. I hope we can continue to teach her. 

After teaching her, we went to see a couple I talked about in my last email that is in a rest home. The wife is a member, but the husband is not. The husband had a bad stroke and it's hard to understand him, but he thinks just fine. So, anyway, we were visiting and since the husband is a non-member we were like, " Brother Tag, Can we teach you about the Restoration?" He said yes and we went through it and it was one of the most powerful restorations I have ever shared. After we finished with the Joseph Smith History we asked him how it felt and he said, " I feel a tingling." We were like, "What do you think that means?" And then he said, " It means it is true." Honestly, I was kinda taken back, cause I didn't expect that answer.  Then his wife starts crying and we asked, Sister Tag, why are you crying?" Her husband answered and says, " Cause I'm finally having an open mind to it. Like it was a powerful lesson. We don't know if he can get physically baptized though. I don't know if his head can go under water. We will at least teach him everything so that he'll be ready to be baptized in the next life. 
Elder Saunders
Elder Saunders, Elder Hunter, Elder Armstrong- So excited that I got to go back to Orange, Texas to see a baptism with a family we were teaching while I served there. Three of the cutest kids ever!

Elder Saunders, Elder Hunter, Elder Armstrong  with the family we taught when I was serving in Orange. Feb 2016

The bear mom and dad sent in my holiday package-Port Arthur Feb 2016  **note from Mom and Dad : he sent about 4 pictures of the bear- lol  I think we got our $2 worth!

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