Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happiness is... Having a 'Mini Missionary'!

Monday, Feb 22, 2016-Port Arthur, Texas

' We went on exchanges and we had a lesson with our investigator Mohammed today. He cooked us all kinds of Egyptian food. It was so good. After that, we went with the Spanish Elders to the Jail cause we had a referral. We went down and they said we had to contact or call the warden to set up a time. The warden was gone so we drove back and we saw a sign that was kinda funny so we took pics in front of it. (See pics below).

Today we taught a lesson with an investigator that lasted 3 hours, haha. She literally had a full sheet of paper full of questions. We went down the sheet and answered all her questions. We then went down to 'Raising Canes' which is like a chicken place down here that is super good. We got a mini missionary who is super cool and his name is Trevor. His parents brought us two huge cases full of food and fruits and treats. They said it was so we wouldn't get hungry, so we don't have to go shopping this week.

We had a mini missionary with us(Trevor), today. We usually wait for referrals but we decided to knock on doors with our mini missionary. We went to this apartment complex and inside the complex they were having a BBQ. We walked up and started talking to the wife about the Book of Mormon. The husband comes over and says, "Hey, do you want me to grab my Bible?" We told him, "Yeah, sure, if you want to. We're cool to have a Bible study. In fact, did I mention that the Book of Mormon and the Bible go hand in hand? The guy told us to leave and I felt bad for Trevor. 

Trevor knocked on a door next and he did a really good job, but the person came out and said that she was cheated in business by a guy who was Mormon and then she turned and left. I went to Trevor and patted him on the back and told him 'good contact'. The day didn't get better. We taught some lessons and all the lessons we taught we were bashed one after another. One singled out Trevor and asked him a bunch of questions that I couldn't even answer. Trevor was a rock star mini missionary.

We took Trevor to teach our our investigator, Mohammed. We taught him about the atonement and Christ. It is really hard to teach someone of the Muslim faith. We were teaching him and we answered all his questions and the lesson went really well. After we ended it, Mohammed says, " Wow, guys that was really beautiful, but you are so wrong. You are so far off." Like he has never said that before and it took me by surprise. So we spent another hour teaching him in a different way and using a lot of Bible verses. By the time we finished our 2 hour long constant Q & A he was like, " Man, ever since you guys came over, I have been using all my free time to find the truth. Like I have been trying to find out if being a Muslim is the right religion so I have been studying hard."  So we are right there, we just need that last push.

At the end of the day, I asked Trevor how he liked it and he said it was the longest day of his life. I burst out laughing and gave him a hug. I felt so bad for him , but he is a stud missionary. One of the best and he has only been here for a day.

Today was the last day with the Mini Missionary. We taught a couple of lessons and it was a pretty good day. I was really sad when he left. We bonded. Trevor said I'd be a good trainer. We talked about our families and missions. I was straight up honest. When he left, seriously, tears were shed.
Elder Saunders
A Hero among Heroes. 'Protecting and Saving Lives' Elder Saunders in Nederland, Texas Feb. 2016

Spanish Elder Hepworth, Elder Saunders, Elder Tukuafu and another Spanish Elder. Beaumont, TX Feb 2015

Elder Hepworth, Elder Saunders, another Spanish Elder, Elder Tukuafu in Beaumont, TX.  Feb 2016

Me and Elder Tukuafu 

Me and Elder Tukuafu

Elder Ericson, Our mini missionary-Trevor, Elder Saunders  Feb 2016

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