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I'm still here....In Port Arthur!

Monday, February 29, 2016 -- Port Arthur, TX

"My companion is being transferred and the next transfer will be in 7 weeks. 

On Monday we went bowling which was super fun. Elder Tukuafu taught me how to spin the bowling ball, cause he is a master bowler. After that our zone with the zone leaders came down and we played chair soccer. At the end of p-day we went to see the older couple in the rest home and did a family home evening. We watched a movie made by the church in like the 70's called, "Forever Together". It was cool and at the end Sister Tegtmeier started singing along with the song and when it ended both Brother and Sister Tegtmeier started crying. It was a really sweet moment. Sister Tegtmeier asked me if I had a girl back at home and I told her no and she coached me to say the least. We brought Oreo's cause family home evenings suck without treats.

Today we watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration with Bro. and Sister Tegtmeier. Man let me tell you there was a struggle cause there is two versions of the restoration. One that is 30 minutes and one that is 1 hour. They don't give out the hour one, however it is on So we downloaded it on a disc and took it over. Well, Sis. Tegtmeier's dvd player couldn't play it, so I got my flash drive and downloaded it on the flash drive and plugged it into their television but the television could only view photos on it. We eventually got her laptop out and all four of us watched it on that. 

We also visited this one lady who has had cancer four times. She can't come to church because she can't be around kids, but she is super funny. She told us that when she got cancer the fourth time a person asked her if she was scared to get it again. She replied, "Are you kidding? You can't scare me with Heaven!"

So today was the temple trip for us and we planned with the member driving us to leave at 9:30 for the 12:00 session. We started the day by doing a early study with the Spanish elders. At about 9:45, we got a call and he said that he just got out of the dentist. Yikes! So we arrived and missed our session but the President said we could go to the 1:00 one. Honestly, it was meant for us to be at that session. I can't tell you really what went on through email, but talk to me after my mission and I'll tell you what happened. So after that, the member who drove us took pics of us on his camera and is going to send them to our parents. The we went to Cici's pizza and had a competition to see who could eat the most slices of Pizza. I took 3rd place outta 12 people with 15 slices. Elder Tukuafu won with 18 slices. During the 2 hour drive back, I fell asleep on Elder Ludlow and Bigler. We finally got home at 7:30 p.m. and went to visit members.

We visited Brother Livingston. We walk in and he gets a phone call and says, "Oh, I gotta take this" and leaves. He comes back and tells us that it was his 'homie' from back in the day. I'm like, " Cool, where does he live?" Bro. Livingston says he's in Kansas City and he plays for the Chiefs. (now Port Arthur is actually 1st place in players who go professional, so in my mind I am thinking of 8 players who came from there and one of which is on the Chiefs named Jamal Charles!) So I'm like, " Is it Jamal Charles?" He was so surprised and said, "Yeah!" Then he goes on to tell us the story of how they met in 6th grade and have been friends ever since. They call each other about four times a week just to talk. He told us that Jamal Charles comes down every now and then to meet with him. So we are trying very hard to get a chance to meet with Jamal Charles. Especially cause he is coming down here in about a month. So we got a month to get things going, ha ha.

We gave our investigator, Mohammed, a church tour today. He was amazed by how beautiful it was. It was cool cause when we brought him into the chapel, he saw a couple of hymn books on the ground. He's like, " Oh, someone must have accidentally put these on the ground." He then went over and picked them up and put them on the bench. Also when we were showing him the sacrament, I put my Book of Mormon on the ground to show him the sacrament trays and he came over and picked up my Book of Mormon and holds it in his hands until I am done and then handed it back. Like it hit me that this guy that doesn't even know if it's a true book or not, realizes the importance of what it means to us so he will respects it and will not let it touch the ground. Like our investigator who is Muslim does a better job then I do at that! 

Transfers came in and my companion is leaving to become a zoneleader. It wouldn't have killed me to stay another 7 weeks. He was growing on me very very slowly but still growing. 

So today our investigator, Mohammed came to church. He actually liked it. He said he will probably come back again. It was funny. He sat by Sister Tegtmeier and she was telling him after Sacrament how he should get baptized. It was so funny. We visited a ton of families that Elder Ericson wanted to see and take pics with. 
Elder Saunders
Our Zone in Beaumont, TX 2016

My companion Elder Ericson and I at the Houston Temple Feb. 2016

My District Elders at the Houston Temple Feb 2016

The group we ended up going on a session with-Houston TX temple Feb 2016

I love to see the temple.  Feb 2016 in Houston, TX

It was a great day at the temple. Houston. TX 2016

Houston Texas Temple Trip with some fine looking Elders-Feb 2016

The group the Elders ended up going on a session with-Houston, TX  LDS temple February 2016

Elder Ericson, our investigator, Mohammed and Elder Saunders

Bro. Tegtmeier, Elder Ericson, Elder Saunders, Sister Tegtmeier Port Arthur, TX Feb 2016
Hey! There is a Buffalo Wild Wings in Port Arthur! The Elders in the Zone. Feb 2016

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