Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up...

Monday, March 21, 2016                                                                 Port Arthur, TX

" Today we had Derrick( a Pentecostal preacher, who loves the missionaries) come out with us and he drove us around all day. Now he didn't shout out false doctrine, he actually gave us a lot of scriptures that helped us a lot in teaching the people. Everything he said he started off with, " Now, here is what their church believes...." but yeah he was cool. He saved us a lot of miles though!

We found out there has been major flooding in Orange, my last area. We started off our day by going to a Red Cross training in Beaumont. Then we went to Lamar University cause they had a shelter there for all the people to go to who had no where else to go cause their homes were destroyed by the flooding. So we helped out there all day serving food, counting inventory, showing people around, moving stuff around. President Drake said that we might even get to go to Orange in a couple of weeks to do service once it dries out. So I am pumped to go to my last area and see what happened to it. 

So we had exchanges yesterday and it was a good day. We rode around in the ghetto and then we went to the sea wall and hung out with the Spanish Elders and taught some people. Then a member from the Spanish branch fed us and the Spanish elders. They fed us this soup. Spanish people when they cook soup they put everything in whole. So he had a whole chicken, whole corn on the cob, whole peppers, and potatoes and rice on the bottom. Then he made some tortillas to put in the soup or dip in the soup or take stuff outta the soup and put in the tortillas. It was so good. After that we biked to the edge of their area just to find out that person was gone! Anyway we looked and found out we biked 27.4 miles that day!

A sad day today. 30 minutes before church, we went to our investigators house to wake him up for church. Right when we knocked on his door, he opened up all dressed so we told him we'd meet him at the church and then we left. So fast forward we were at church and it is 8:50 and church starts at 9:00. So there is no Justin. So we hop back in the car and drive back to his house and we find him standing outside. We talk to him and he said he is waiting for his ride to take him to church. Me and Elder Strong look at each other and we wanted to tell him so bad that we could give him a ride, just this once. His ride came then so we told his ride to follow us. We start driving and they're following us and then we get in the right lane to take a right and when I look back that car gets in the left lane and goes left. So we are confused and Elder Strong is like, "What now?" I was like lets follow them. So I turned around and try to follow them and they go on the freeway and I lose them. We go back to church and we are 25 min late. Both of us are so discouraged because of what happened. Our investigator got kidnapped by his boss. He wasn't answering his phone so we are pretty sure he got anti-mormoned. I have been here long enough to counter anti mormon stuff I'll update y'all next week....
Elder Saunders
Zone Conference March 2016
Sea Wall in Port Arthur, TX built to keep out the tides and waves from coming on land.... March 2016

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