Sunday, March 20, 2016

An Answer To My Prayer

Monday, Mar. 14, 2016 Port Arthur, TX

" So we had P-day and then after that we taught our boy, Leroy, and this guy was associated with a gang. He has a tear drop tattoo and everything. We went and taught him and he told us that every time he talks to us, he feels peace and joy. He told us he was so happy that we stopped by and talked to him because we saved him. During the lesson he was crying and told us how much he appreciates us. After we went and had family home evening with the Tegtmeiers and Bro. Tegtmeier said that he considers us some of his children.

Today we went on exchanges so an Elder from Bridge City came up. I don't really want to get into how today went, mostly cause it was a bad day. It rained all day. I can't really explain how the day went, but let's just say this: There was alcohol, screaming, there was fighting (not us but other people), angry hotel workers, Police, we were questioned by the police, there was a paramedic and a person went to the hospital, kids who were put in child protection custody, a fire truck, jerks on drugs. We got soaked by rain, and we were stuck in the hotel lobby where all this was going on for 3 1/2 hours. So ya, not my favorite day.

At the end of Thursday, we had a lesson with Mohammed. We just went back and forth. See, Mohammed is super smart. Like super super smart . So because of that he asks you really really really good questions. He can also argue your answers really well. So we have this back and forth 'debate' for two hours about Christ being the Son of God and also the Atonement and the need for it. Finally Mohammed says, "Okay, guys, I'll tell you what. Ever since you came over I have tried to find the true faith. So, if you can find one fault in the Quran, just one, I will change to your faith." This took us back and I honestly said to him, " Man are you sure?" He told us he meant it and we agreed and then had to leave.

Today we were visiting this part member family and when we got to the door, we found out that the family moved away. So we start talking to this guy named Jeremy. He says he believes in God but not in churches. We explained to him why there are so many churches. He said, "Wow, that makes so much sense." Then we asked him if we can stop by another day and he says, " Yeah but can you also teach my two kids and wife!?" Those words left me speechless. I was shaking my head up and down like a dog trying to get dry. Like that never happens. As we were biking down the very next street, I see my recent convert from Orange. He was working hard trying to install cable to this house so that was cool. He said that he goes to church every week. He is aiming for the temple and has stopped smoking. It is so cool to see him change and honestly he looked and sounded a lot better from the first time I met him. That was for sure a testimony builder. 

Today was a cool day. It started off by visiting the Tegtmeiers. We were talking to them and then Bro. Tegtmeier tells us how he woke up at 12 last night and how he couldn't go back to bed. He said he felt a strong impression to pray, so he prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true. Then he said with tears in his eyes, " I got an answer. I now know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a Prophet." It was amazing. He was praying for awhile but that proves that God answers prayers. But that brought up the issue of can he get baptized. We're not sure, but at the very least, we've done as much as we can do. He has accepted the gospel in this life and will be able to be baptized in the next life. 

We then visited this guy from the Caribbean and we showed him the Book of Mormon. He couldn't read that well so he didn't like it. We told him about General Conference and he was super excited and gave us his phone number to remind him so he can attend. "

Elder Saunders
A church on every corner... Port Arthur, TX

My new cowboy hat and yummy juice! Mar 2016
We are still here....Reminds me of Easter coming and Jesus' final days Mar 2016

My new haircut by my Polynesian Missionary friend.  He gave me a part on the side of my head, ha ha. It's all good. Port Arthur TX  Mar 2016

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