Saturday, July 30, 2016

Help Me Teach With Inspiration.....

Monday, July 25, 2016                                                          Kingwood, TX

" Today we finally got in to see Michelle. We had another great lesson and we committed her to come to church and she agreed. We were so excited. Then she told us that she is going on vacation for 3 weeks and she leaves in a couple of days. So that is sad cause depending on when I get transferred, I might not be able to see her baptism. But yeah, she is getting closer to baptism.

So at the end of the day we stopped by this Honduran less active member's house. She invited us in and asked us if we wanted to eat cause she just made dinner. Both of us said, no its okay, we just ate. She looks at us and says, "No one in my house has ever rejected food and no one will." So we sat at her table with her family and she gave us probably one of the best salmon I have ever tasted and all these other foods. It was so great.

We stopped by this part member family. She is a member but her husband isn't. We are good friends with them. We talked to her and her eight year old daughter, who is not baptized. The eight year old was talking about how she wants to be sealed to her parents. Her daughter speaks up and says, " Mommy, what does sealed mean?" So her mom explains it to her and she gets a big smile and says, "Can I be sealed with you and daddy? 

I look at Elder Dial with this huge grin. The mom kinda pauses and then says, "Of course you can be sealed to me. " The conversation goes on a bit and Lisa (the mom) was talking about how she wishes she would've raised her first child in the church more cause she's in college and is dating a Jehovah witness and he's really controlling. 

As we were talking to her it hit me that when I become a parent, I need to step it up. I don't want any regrets. I don't want my 8 year old to ask me if I can be sealed to her. Like she is a good person, but it's so sad how much of a mess she made for herself, just because she didn't appreciate what she had till it was too late. But it's alright cause if every member was perfect, missionaries would have a lot more time to knock doors, which isn't much of a good thing.

After that we went to our apartment to wait for food to come. The food came so we walked out and there was a envelope taped to our door that was addressed to the Mormon Missionaries. We took it and opened it up and basically it was from a guy in our apartment complex. He was a Catholic Priest turned Atheist. Basically the letter said that we should be Atheist because of this and this and this. He told us how he has like 1100 videos on you tube. I mean honestly we just laughed at it and were sad that someone would get to that point. He gave us cards with his phone number on it, so me and Elder Dial have been calling him for three days straight and left voice messages. He hasn't called us back, so apparently he's scared to talk to us in person.

Then we went over to the Snows and met Brother Snow's son-in-law from Arkansas. Man that guy is so country, its funny. We talked a lot to him and asked him to come to church. We played monopoly with him and by the end of the night, he told us he'd come to church for sure. That was pretty sweet. Also, with Monopoly, for any of you who were wondering, I did not win. I got cursed with thee dice and rolled 5 '3's in a row, and landed on every non property space there was! I'm over it now.

On Saturday we taught Preston and Ashley. Apparently, Preston works for a member in our ward, so we got her to invite them over to eat. We also found that they aren't married, so that is a huge setback for us but it's still possible.

We then went and helped out Bro Snow and his son-in-law(Sloan) cut a hole to put in the AC unit and then we put insulation in his whole garage and built frames to support new cabinets. It was pretty good and he fed us lunch and dinner. 

On Sunday we taught Mary Ann and her husband again and we taught them about the Word of Wisdom which they have some problems with but they said they would live it. So that was pretty cool. The only down side is that the Bishop is going to be out of town for three weeks , so it's going to be a stretch to get her husband interviewed to be able to baptize her. They will get baptized, so I'm not worried. 

Here is a picture of the letter that he sent us. I changed the name cause the last thing I want to do is give this guy free publicity.  

Elder Saunders

A sad letter from an Atheist in our apartment building to the Missionaries.  So thankful for the Gospel. Kingwood , Tx  July 2016

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