Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty...

Monday July 11, 2016                                                              Kingwood, TX 

" So today was the Fourth of July. We started off our day by doing laundry and stuff like that. Then a member invited us over for a BBQ at 1:00. We get there and we just chill with them. We played some games and we threw some knives at a target. He showed us his gun safe with tons of guns and ammo in it(see pic below). Then they had a pool party and we dipped our feet in the water and got splashed. The member took us shopping and he bought us groceries and them we went back to their house and they made us chopped brisket sandwiches... So good! Then they drove us home cause we were told to be in by 8:00. We got in and watched the fireworks from our apartment. Summers breeze.

So Wednesday we had exchanges, which some of you might be thinking "wow, that is a lot of exchanges!". Well let me tell you that is no coincidence. There is a reason but my mom told me that I cannot bag on my comp anymore. Everyone has their own struggles. ( *note from parents-Oh that boy- he is obedient) So just use your imagination and times it by three. 

On the bright side, I was able to read 'Jesus the Christ', Mark, Luke and John from the New Testament, finish Genesis, and get almost halfway through Exodus. I read 2 Nephi and all but one chapter of Jacob(while using the institute manuals for all but one of them. I started memorizing a scripture every other day and I'm up to 10 scriptures! I've cross referenced more scriptures than I can count. I've started to read 'Preach my Gospel' over again and I'm doing the activities in there. So far I've finished the activities in Chapters 2,3,5, 8. I have reorganized everything I own multiple times. Numerous talks read. I'm currently working on being good with my juggle sticks and I am working on being good at juggling a soccer ball. This is all after we get home at night and for exercise in the morning and morning studies. 

So on to the exchange. We tried to see a lot of people but they weren't home. We street contacted a guy who tried to give us a lot of insight on life, but he was really crazy and didn't make sense. I didn't understand any of it. Good guy though. 

We did service for a less active who got his house flooded a while back and I talked about him last week, I think-Darren. We put insulation in and he was playing oldies country music. It was great! 

We also taught Michaela some more of the new member lessons. So we were on the Plan of Salvation. We always teach Michaela at her boyfriends house (who is a member). We sat around their pool table and underneath it is a box of toys. I start it off and introduce it. Elder Bigler gave the first topic which is pre earth life. He grabs the white cue ball and places it down as he is talking and then I see a wooden block so I grab it and right when he says, 'veil' , I put it down next to the ball. So I start talking about the creation and he puts down a wooden guy and girl. I then put down a rubber snake I found and talked about Satan in the garden of Eden. We go on putting these toys down that came together perfectly. We teach the entire plan of salvation using toys and billiard balls without even planning for it.....It was great!

On Thursday we stopped by this part member family and started to talk to the husband who is a non member. He is sweet. He was telling me about this truck he ordered that is extremely rare. It is a Ford F-150 with a NASCAR engine made by Roush. To be able to support the engine, the truck has to be completely taken apart and they replaced the frame and a bunch of other stuff. He was telling us that it's barely street legal. He also told us that it's such a rare car that they make them one at a time, piece by piece. The owner of Roush comes and signs the back of the truck before they put the protective clear coating on the truck. They also engrave his name some place else on the truck and also the engine. (to show it's not faked). He wouldn't tell me how much it cost, but he did say that he had to call a few of his contacts in Indiana to be able to purchase it. I'm sure it cost him a pretty penny but he is going to take us around in it, so that is all that matters concerning the truck. 

So my companion is getting transferred and I may have or may not have seen the transfer board. (note from parents *-His new companion is Elder Dial and he is from Idaho. He has been out two transfers earlier than Elder Saunders, so just over a year. He told us that it already is a good match and they are going to set Kingwood on fire! 
Elder Saunders.

Elder Saunders and Elder Moos chilling by the pool on his first 4th of July in the mission field. Kingwood, TX July 4, 2016 

The scriptures are our ammo to protect us and guide us(his words) Kingwood, TX July 4 2016 

Holding a sweet little mouse. Kingwood TX July 4, 2016

Chilling by the pool. Elder Moos got to have the hose to combat us being splashed. July 4 2016 Kingwood, TX

July 4th, 2016 BBQ at a members home. Elder Moos and I look stylin" in our 4th of July sunglasses that my mom and dad sent. Kingwood, TX

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