Saturday, July 9, 2016

His Truth is Marching On....

Monday, July 4, 2016                                                      Kingwood, TX

"Today I went on an exchange with Elder Andrew(MTC buddy). We started out mowing a really old members lawn. I didn't bring jeans to the exchange, so I used Elder Andrew's camo cargo pants. Those things were small! Like skin tight. I felt like a hipster with skinny jeans. Anyway we went over and helped her. She fed us some fruit and Powerade. After that we went home and had lunch. Man, Elder Andrew made some bomb spinach and cheese quesadillas. Then we biked and talked to some people and a member stopped us and told us he was taking pictures on a film camera. He said he had taken all the pictures he wanted and he still had 6 slots left and then he saw us. So he took 6 pics of us and he is going to send them to our email after they develop. 

We ate at a members house for dinner and they started to talk about the new Tesla car, cause it can do a bunch. We then went on some member visits and lets just say that K-1 does a pretty good attempt at a member visit...but K3 is way better at it!

We taught a couple named Preston and Ashley. It was sweet. We went over the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was strong throughout the whole thing. They've been asking great questions. We were getting to the end and we start talking about the celestial kingdom and we planned to invite them to baptism and it was going super well! Then there was a knock at the door and this water sales lady said Preston won a $25 gift card from Home Depot and would he listen to a very short presentation. She took 3 hours! They wanted us to stay and it was cool seeing her experiments and things like that but it took so long. Ashley and Preston felt bad and cooked us lunch and we talked to their mom cause she was over and she's pretty sweet, too.  So after the lesson was hijacked, we quickly recapped the lesson and touched on points we didn't get to and talked about the church and the Book of Mormon before we left. We didn't invite them to baptism cause the spirit left 3 hours ago. We are going to catch them later, but it was still a solid lesson. 

After that we were riding our bikes and then I got another flat tire. So we called the Kingwood 2nd elders and they didn't answer. We walked a little over a mile with my bike propped up to it's balancing on one wheel. I'm pushing it and then K2 calls back and they pick us up and take us to their apartment to patch the giant hole. We pump it up and there's another hole right by it. So we patch that one up and pump it up. It is then that we realized that the hole happened on the seam. So when we patched it , it would just rip farther down the seam. So we trashed the tube and K2 drove us to our apartment and a member picked us up for dinner. I told the member about my bike and he goes in the back and gets me one of his tubes. Now I have a tube so we have an amazing dinner and go back to our apartment. When I went to put the tube on, the members tube is way too big for my bike, but it was a good thought and very kind. I'm fixin to give it back to him. 

Oh, also one of the member families lost their cat two days ago so we prayed with them and that night the cat came back. So that was cool!
Elder Saunders aka The Cowboy Down Yonder

*Note from parents-not sure what this picture or hashtag mean- So, we will let you use your imagination.. Kingwood, TX July 2016

Ha ha! He is pretty sad that he couldn't go to the parade so with the stuff that we sent him, he is the parade. Kingwood, TX July 4, 2016

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