Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Hawk in a Rainstorm-That's a sign!

Monday Aug. 29, 2016                                                   Beaumont, TX

"We started off our day by going to a Bible study at 6:00 am! At least they bought us breakfast. I walked in and they ask me who I am and questions like that. A man looked at me and said I had a Yankee accent, haha. After that we had a lesson with a preacher. He is pretty cool. His name is Pastor Jordan and he is an amazing black guy who apparently takes us out to eat every Thursday at Golden Corral. We taught a lesson and we asked our investigator to say the prayer. She prayed to forgive those who say nene, and nay, nay. Then she began to sing this song. I was caught off guard and I couldn't help but smile. 

Today we started off by all of our appointments canceling, so that wasn't good. We went and saw this less active family who wants to come back to church.They are pretty sweet. They talk a little different so it is kinda hard to understand them. We taught another lesson in the complex later on.

So today we taught this guy early in the morning. Pastor Jordan took us out to Golden Corral with this prosecutor who also teaches at the giant Baptist church. After that we did some weekly planning. We ate with these less actives. They made this really weird food. I don't know what was in it and I don't really want to know what is in it. But it tasted pretty good. 

We did our hour of power and as we were walking from house to house, it started to pour down rain. We immediately got soaked so we knock on this door and a Spanish person answers. We tried to talk to him but he couldn't understand English. We tried the next house and they shut the door on us and so we tried a couple more. Finally this guy answers and he comes outside and we're talking to him and he is really not interested. All of a sudden this HAWK flies down in the middle of the rainstorm and lands on the lawn. The hawk just stares at us and then flies away. Then this guy says, 'Man, like that's a sign!" Then he invited us in and we teach him. So that was pretty cool.

Today we taught Patrick and it was pretty sweet. After that we ate dinner and then we went to our Elders Quorum Presidents house. Pastor Jordan came along. We made ice cream and we played washers. I won against my companion after a long match. 

Started off the day by helping give people some food from the Bishop's Storehouse. It was super cool. While I was there I saw Kayla and Doug. They are members from mid county. 

After that we had a lesson with this less active family who live in the poorest area ever. It is so sad. We taught them and then as we were biking we came across this guy. We talked to him and he asked us if we could get him a soda. We said yes we would if he would let us teach him. He said yes. We rode over to the gas station and bought him a soda and taught him. 

We also taught this guy who was either high or drunk. He was crazy but he loved us. He wanted to give us all the money he had and he was telling us all these stories about his gang days. How he killed a guy and stuff like that. He was pretty funny and said we could come back. He also told us that we could write a book about him and his stories and he wouldn't mind. He said to just be sure that we use his first name and spell his last name wrong so he wouldn't get all the credit, haha. 

Today we started off by going to a huge Baptist church, which wasn't too bad, but by far the best part was the breakfast. After that we biked to go see some people cause our church starts at 2:00 p.m. While we were biking it started to pour and we got soaked. We stopped by a recent convert and then went to church. After church we hit our bikes again cause we're out of miles. As we were biking we contacted this black guy who loves us and so we taught him. He was like, "Y'all come back!" He then walked off and then came back and said, "What time will y'all come by?" He started to walk off again and then came back and said, "I really want to see y'all!" He then walked off again. It was kinda funny and sweet at the same time.

Elder Saunders

Mom wanted a tag pic so we got original and sent this one. Me and my companion, Elder Anderson Aug 2016 in Beaumont, TX

Elder Saunders and this sweet ride I found while teaching. Look at how awesome this is pieced together(bottom pic) Beaumont, TX August 2016

Beaumont Beauty-August 2016 Beaumont, TX  (mom's guess was a hot tub in the very back, haha)

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