Saturday, August 20, 2016

I Love to See the Temple

Monday, Aug 15, 2016                                                 Kingwood, TX

" This week was a really, really, really slow week. On Tuesday, the only highlight was a member took us out to eat. He is an older guy and he asked us if we knew John Denver. We told him, he started to sing it. Not playing it, singing it. It was so funny. He actually has a really good voice, too. I was surprised.

The following day I went on exchanges to Kingwood 1st ward, with Elder Scow. We start off the day at the physical therapist cause he hurt his knee a while back. I spent the morning sitting in the lobby, in full missionary clothes. Everyone who came in would stare at me. Occasionally there was a person who sat kinda close to me, and the Olympics were on, so I started to talk to him and he was legit. But then he left and after a couple of minutes a girl came in and sat down. She was on her phone, so it was kinda awkward cause I couldn't talk to her cause she was on her phone. I just sat in silence forever. 

After the appointment we went out and met this Baptist teacher of religion who wanted to bash us right off. So we went at it and he was talking about the Trinity and I told him that we believe that they are 3 separate beings but one in purpose. He looks at me and says, "No, its not three. It's one." Then he just stops and stares at us for three seconds waiting for me to respond (probably the most awkward three seconds of my life). Finally, I told him, "Sorry, man, but I don't believe that." The guy got mad and started going off and asking questions and it was the funniest thing cause I could answer his questions with the simplest answers and he couldn't contend with them....The horrible thing was it was 120 degrees outside so my arm was dripping sweat and I was soaked. He went on forever and finally I just ended the conversation as it was going nowhere and we left. We ended the day by going to a BBQ place and that was really good. 

On Wednesday we went to the temple. It was pretty fun. So great to be able to go. I think this is my fourth or fifth time. 

The next day we found out that one of our investigators who was going to go to Indonesia for schooling in a week-her trip got canceled. So now we have time to baptize her. So that is pretty cool.

We had one investigator come to church and our other investigator, who is close to baptism, got sick so she couldn't come. After that we had dinner and then we walked around in the rain. We stopped by a less actives house. They love us and so we got them to sign up and feed us next week and they want to feed us breakfast next week, too. Our numbers are down for reporting to leadership cause it's been a rough week. 
Elder Saunders
Houston Temple-Kingwood Zone. Houston, TX  August 2016. Top Row: L-R: Elders Bigler, Scow, Asay, Kohler. Bottom row: Elder Saunders, Hermana Miller, Hermana Archuleta, Elder Dial

Kingwood Zone Elders. August 2016 in Houston, TX.

Me and my awesome companion, Elder Dial. Houston, TX Aug 2016
The Saunders and Dial Duo. Two elder at the best place on earth. Aug 2016 Houston, TX

Elder Dial and myself on some trees looking over some trees on a stream off a greenbelt. Aug 2016 in Kingwood, TX

Man, this is pretty high up! Elder Saunders in Kingwood, TX August 2016 ***note from parents: "One has to wonder how he/they got out on these trees in their good missionary clothes without getting a hole or snag in their pants, and in Dress shoes? , lol. "

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