Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rainy Skies and French Fries

Monday, 22 Aug 2016                                            Kingwood, TX

"We went on exchanges, so I stayed in my area. We started off our day by staring out the window, cause it was dumping rain. It kinda slowed down , so we raced out to go to lunch at Subway. We arrived completely soaked and dripping wet and everyone was staring at us, so that was fun. But it was worth it 'cause the sandwich tasted good. So after that we headed out and it was still raining, but not super bad. So I was getting on my bike and the rain caused my pants to stick to my skin more. As I swung my leg around to get on my Bike, my pants ripped; like a huge rip, but the good thing is that it was at the bottom and I sat on part of it and my bag covered the rest of it, so I could bike home and change. After that we went back out, and got soaked again and stopped by a bunch of  houses and talked to a bunch of people. Then we went to dinner at this Chinese place which was pretty good.

So we got soaked again, then we explored some more green belts. We didn't plan that but we got lost on a couple of green belts and that took us to other green belts. The good thing is that we found a short cut to an area we go to a lot. After our 'Adventure' , we stopped by this inactive members house. We knocked and he answers and he's super friendly and invites us in. We're joking around and both me and my companion are thinking, man it's going to be easy to get him back to Church. We sit down and start talking about the Church, and man he changed in an instant. The saying goes, 'Never bring a knife to a gun fight'. Well that's what happened. This is a guy that was in the Church for 30 years, served a mission and held callings. He spent the last 5 of those 30 years researching everything anti you could ever find... And I'll admit he knew a lot more about the Church than me and Elder Dial. He asked us a lot of questions that I had never thought of. This guy was very good and you could tell he's spent a lot of time thinking of questions and stuff like that. Now with all that said, we weren't dumb. We held our own pretty good. Both me and my companion have been bashed constantly and though most of what he said was pretty new to us. We still testified and answered many questions, and actually somehow made friends with him. He wants to take me golfing and also take us for a ride in his brand new Jaguar. But I am sad to say that the only way he's getting active again is if he decides to go. He's pretty set in his ways. Anyway later in the day we stopped by our investigator Mary Ann and her family, and she's doing really good.

We had weekly planning today and Elder Dial made us K 1 French Fries. After that we went out and biked in the rain and stopped by this less active and he was pretty cool. He said we could come back and talk, but now is a bad time. After that we went to dinner at the Deans and then we over to Nancy's house and played ball with the kids. then Nancy came home and we actually played ball with her. Then we came in and we were able to teach Rosalee and she told us that she would pray about the Book of Mormon and read.We now found it late at night so we went without our helmets and we rode past the AP's house and they saw us for the third time without our helmets. There were kinda frustrated, but we distracted them by telling them about our day. They seemed to forget, so that was good. *parent note: I made him promise to wear his helmet...)

On Saturday we had an okay day and spent most of it doing service. Part of that was helping this member package Rubber Ducks, I mean she had $1000 worth of plastic Ducks. She does this for her job and delivers them to Hospitals and Dentists places. It was super cool. There were so many crazy Ducks and she said we could grab one we liked. I grabbed one, but then forgot to take it when we left.....So no Crazy Rubber Duck for me. After that we visited some other members and then rode around  and then tried to see other people. Then we got Transfer Calls. I found out I was leaving! So it was kinda sad. I really wanted to stay. But that's not my choice. 

On Sunday we just visited and said bye to people and stuff like that. It was horrible.  I got really close to this Ward. But, I got a lot of email addresses. yeah.

Love, Y'all 
Elder Saunders 
My last district picture in Kingwood. Top Row L-R: Elder Kohler, Elder Scow, Elder Dial, Elder Penrod, Elder Storey              Bottom Row: Elder Bigler, Elder Asay, Elder Saunders, Hermana Archuleta(David Archuleta's sister) Hermana Miller. Kingwood, TX Aug 2016

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