Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Week of Miracles...Finding the Lost Sheep...

Monday, Apr 10, 2017                                   Onalaska, TX

" Last p-day we fished at a members house and all of us caught a couple of fish. No major ones though, but it was super fun. After that one of our investigators took us out to eat. It was this hole in the wall place named Jerry's. It was actually quite good.

For our week, we had quite a few little miracles. First, we found 2 more lost sheep families. One of them we contacted his wife during Hour of Power. At first she was hesitant, but we shared the Easter video and she opened right up and told us that her husband was a Mormon. We talked to her and then made an appointment to come back on Saturday. They were all there when we came back and they are super solid. Her husband was telling us the times he went out with the missionaries when he was in Houston. His wife and son are not members so we are excited about that.

We also had a lot of miracles finding people. We found a ton of people including one person I will tell you about. We decided to knock these two doors in the middle of no where. We knock on the first door and the lady told us to go away, so we moved onto the next door and a lady answered and we shared the Easter video with her. She went off on a rant about how she is so confused because there are so many churches and they all teach different things. We then taught her and we are going back to teach her again, in a couple of days. Then we taught another family but they ended up dropping us :(

We went to Sonic a little later and it happened to be 1/2 off cheese burgers and 1/2 off shakes so I got a cheesecake shake and cheeseburger for $3.45! I felt pretty accomplished. 

As far as service, we helped a bunch of members and even help put up a fence....We also cut a ton of poison ivy off a fence and then coated ourselves in oatmeal cause apparently it helps and then we made pinewood derby cars.

We also had zone conference so I got to see all my Kingwood friends. It was a great week.
Elder Saunders
Oatmeal bath to prevent Poison Ivy? Elders Esplin and Saunders Apr 2017

My trio companions, Elder Abbott and Elder Esplin with a fantastic view Apr 2017

Elder Esplin riding shotgun and Elder Abbott in the back... Apr 2017

Here we are enjoying the weather- Elders Abbott, Esplin and Saunders Apr 2017

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