Sunday, April 9, 2017

Feeling the Weight of the World and Finding Peace in the Savior

Monday Apr 3, 2017                                              Onalaska, TX

" We are in a trio and things are going pretty good. The ward loves that there is three of us. We finally got the third bed and another dresser, so that solved a bunch of problems.

During our hour of power, we knocked down this street and this person comes out to get mail and we start talking to her. She is walking back to her house and her mom comes outside and we talk to her. Come to find out-she is a member that moved and never got her records sent up. Her whole family is there and all are members except for the daughter, so that is exciting! We met a couple more people during hour of power there, but the last person we were walking up to was on the phone. We were thinking she was going to shrug us off, but as we came closer she told the person on the phone she had to go. So we taught her and she seemed pretty interested, so that is exciting.

We taught a lot of people. A reminder this week before Easter is to go to and watch the 'Honoring the Prince of Peace" videos. Each day there is a new one. Jesus Christ is still our key to peace. Principles are Faith, God's word, Compassion, Gratitude, Prayer, Forgiveness, Repentance, and Hope. I hope you are able to watch them.

Sorry this is so short, we are going fishing today and so that is exciting!

Elder Saunders
We weren't too sure of this picture he sent until it was explained: ' We as missionaries feel the weight of the world. Only through the Savior can we feel Peace." 

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