Friday, April 21, 2017

Back Roads, BBQ's and Celebrating Easter....

Monday, April 17, 2017                                 Onalaska, TX

"As far as work goes we found this back roads neighborhood and knocked a lot of doors with not very much luck, but we did find a cool river that we took pictures by. 

Also on Tuesday, we knocked on a bunch of doors to conserve miles and found some cool people. One guy we found is super cool and he is Korean. We had a nice chat with him and he seems interested. Another person we met was handing out Jesus cards, which is okay, but she was a bit insane and didn't want to listen to our message. Despite great efforts we went over miles.

We went to choir practice at the church and the choir instructor told my companions that they just had to watch but she let me sing. Go figure. We performed for Easter Sunday, but we were only able to go to one choir practice, so I knew 2 of the songs and we sang 10 so that was interesting. None of them were hymns. Easter messages in church were so awesome.

We also had exchanges with the zone leaders. Friday morning was crazy because we had 5 people who had to take showers. I went with Elder Bohne (from Canada). We had a pretty good day and knocked on a bunch more doors. At the end of the day we had a pine wood derby contest. All of us were able to make cars and mine took first place( humble, I know) I never lost a match.

We also tried this BBQ place that was voted 50 best in Southern Texas and it was super good! I got this doubledecker  sandwich filled with brisket and links and fries. We knocked another street and then we played basketball.

After church on Easter, we met with one of our investigators and taught him. Then we went and saw this lost sheep family that we met last week and they fed us these super good burgers and sides. Later we went to our actual dinner appointment for Easter and had ribs and ham and cake. What a blessing. They are so good to us. 

That was our week in a nutshell.
Elder Saunders
Doubledecker brisket, links and fries sandwich  Apr 2017

Three hungry elders at the BBQ place Apr 2017

The yummy BBQ place that was voted 50 best Southern Texas places. It even had pony rides. Apr 2017

Cool tree! Apr 2017

Elder Esplin and Elder Abbott by the back roads river Apr 2017

Elders Saunders, Esplin and Abbott by this awesome back roads river Apr 2017

On exchanges with Elder Bohne (from Canada) on this muddy back road. Apr 2017

my Pinewood Derby winning car Apr 2017

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