Saturday, June 18, 2016

Called to Serve....

Monday, June 13, 2016                                                             Kingwood, TX

" So this week was filled with a bunch of service. We had our third 20+ hours of service for three weeks straight.

We had family home evening at the Bishop's home which was sweet cause his house is huge!! It has built in speakers all throughout his home. We invited one of our investigators and their family. They came over and we watched, "Finding Faith in Christ". It is like a super old movie, but still decently good. 

After that we came home and I found my helmet sitting by our door. Now the story to that was I lost it in a members car like 4 weeks ago. The member asked if we needed a ride to someplace. We threw our bikes in his truck and we started off. Well, I forgot my helmet in his car and the member was a member in Atascocita and I didn't get his name. So my helmet was gone and I didn't put this in my weekly for so long cause I didn't want my mom to flip out at me for riding without a helmet....But it is back now!!(***note from mom-I did flip out because I have seen videos where they ride right along side the cars.... Hence why we pray for our missionaries safety. He must have one tired guardian angel to go for four weeks without a helmet ***)

Today we spent the whole day in service clothes asking people if they needed service. We got a couple of people tell us that they would call us in a few days. There was this one lady when we were biking through these condos that was outside and we asked them if they needed help. She told us, yes. We got off our bikes and helped her remove dry wall and stuff like that.

After I planned on our Thursday planning day, ( notice I said, 'I planned-no interest from my comp :(    we went and gave service to that one lady from yesterday. So we went in and she told us to break up the tile. I had a sledge hammer and I broke up those tiles, and man it was hot today. Sweat was literally pouring off of me. So while I was doing it one of her neighbors came down and told me I was being too loud. He just stood there and stared at me. I was slightly annoyed but kindly said, 'Well sir, we're going as fast as we can. We're sorry but this tile needs to come out and it would be a lot faster if you went back in your house cause when I hit these tiles it flies everywhere. I don't want to hit you." He then told me he was fine and stayed there. So I finish the tile finally and he goes back to his house. So after that we help the lady take out more sheetrock. 

It was a rough day, today! It was super hot and all three of our set appointments cancelled on us. We ended up biking from place to place trying to teach people. No one was home. We were both soaked from sweat and we finally got in to this former investigator and he is super cool and said he would be interested. We found out after that our dinner cancelled on us, so we called another member. It just so happens that his wife and kids were outta town. He told us to come over and then he got us some pizza and we kept each other company. We got him to order us some Z sticks or devil sticks. When I get them in a week, I will send y'all a pic of them.

We woke up and a member picked us up at 7:15 and we went to cut up a tree at this non members house. After that we rode down to this restaurant. The member we were with is on this Rugby team, so the team went down to one of the Restaurants that is sponsoring them and helped them clean out their flood damage. It was so great. The people were super funny. There was good ole country music playing in the background. They brought doughnuts-it was perfect except for the fact that I stepped in a giant hole that was filled with sand and water. It was super humid but you can't win em all. It was funny though because one of the members on the team was asking us a bunch of questions like, did we do sports and what we liked to do and if we could play sports on a mission. We told him we could play sports and he said, 'Sweet! What are y'all doing on Thursday?'  I asked him what Thursday was and he said it was Rugby practice. 'How bout y'all join the team?". I wanted to say yes so bad , cause that would be legit! I explained that we couldn't. 

We then helped another guy who called us to help with flood cleanup. We arrive and the guy comes out with this back brace and he told us he hurt his back so he couldn't work. We told him that we were here to help. He told us he needed the bottom part of his house washed off.(now his house is on stilts, so underneath his house is his workshop). Since it flooded, he needed help washing off all the mud off of everything. We asked him what we could wash it off with and he shows this fire hose! He told us to attach it to this water pump that he has connected to the lake he's by. We turn it on and oh man that hose was powerful! We eventually washed every thing off with that fire hose cause that's how they do it in Texas!!

Found this sign in a flooded area and thought it was cool. I guess when homes get flooded , looters come in and start taking stuff cause no one is home. 

These are Z sticks or devil sticks. They are basically ancient
form of juggling sticks with origins in Asia, West Africa, and
Central America Indians.
Elder Saunders
No looters sign. Was our elder mistaken for a looter?

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