Saturday, June 4, 2016

We Looked Out Our Window And What Did We See....

Monday, May 30,                                                                                 Kingwood, TX

" On Monday we taught Michaela ( pictures of her baptism, below) and she again was super solid except this time she was pumped to be baptized. We talked with her and I asked Michaela what changed, "Last week we gave you a date and your eyes went big and the first words you said were, "Well the dates not final, right?" She laughed and then she was like well I was super nervous and so I talked to my mom and she comforted me and so I'm ready to be baptized. So we're pumped and the Bishop was there and he shared a couple of stories about Baptism but it all went good.

We got in touch with Ashley, finally! She just said that she was stressed out so she didn't answer us. We talked to her and she was still sick so she couldn't meet with us, but she called her friend and he was actually pretty interested so we taught him. He is having throat surgery so we can't meet with him for a couple of weeks.

Today we stopped by and finally taught Ashley. She invited us in and her boyfriend was there and it was kinda awkward but we got through it. We then visited an inactive members house and he said he would have a big Texas BBQ and invite us over so we could try it. 

The first half of our day was trying to figure out how to help Ashley because lets just say stuff went down and she has 60 days to move outta her apartment. So we tried to figure that out but she didn't feel like talking. We rode around and got some sweet new investigators and I popped my tire. We walked back to the apartment and I fixed my tire, took a shower and got ready for the baptism. We got a call to go and give a blessing. We got a member to pick us up so we got dressed in our suits so we could go to the baptism after the blessing. The member pulls up in a jeep with no doors and the top is off. So here we are, two missionaries, driving through Kingwood in a jeep wearing suits and it's like 85 degrees out. After the blessing we go to the church and fill up the font. Michaela got baptized! Transfer calls came in and both of us are staying, actually everyone is staying except the district leader.

We woke up at 6:00 am to a member calling us to ask if we were okay. We were confused and said yes, why? He told us that there was major flooding so we looked outside and there was some water. We then walked outside and found out that half of our apartment complex is under water! We got showered and everything and then the Assistants to the President took us to church cause the highway was closed so they couldn't make it to theirs. When we got back from church, we decided that we would go down to the flooded area to see how much of our area was flooded. We began our journey and a lot of times we had to hop off our bikes cause the water was over the path (over as in 5 feet over) so we walked in the street and found out that literally half of our area is inaccessible. Four of our members got 5+ feet of water in their house. So yeah it is a pretty big deal. We were told so many times that it was the worst flood they have ever experienced. 
Elder Saunders
Mail delivery by canoe? Elder Saunders said that Bishoprics were delivering food by canoe to families that were hit hard by flooding on Sunday.  Kingwood, TX 2016

High tide in Kingwood-no work today :) May 2016 in Kingwood, TX

Elder Saunders by the main road to their area , which is now under water -May 2016 in Kingwood, TX

Another view of our parking lot on the other side. Kingwood, TX May 2016

We need to switch to canoes. We are up a creek without a paddle. Kingwood, TX May 2016

Main road to our area under water May 2016 Kingwood, TX

Elder Saunders, Michaela, Elder Moos -Michaela's Baptism-May 2016 in Kingwood, TX

Michaela's Baptism in Kingwood, TX May 2016

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