Sunday, June 12, 2016

Come Ye Children of the Lord....and they did Come.... to Sacrament Meeting! ...

Mon. June 6, 2016                                                                                    Kingwood, TX

"So first off I would like to say that it has rained everyday this week. I'm so so so sick of the rain. But hey, our area made the news! (I will include the pic.). 

It was transfer day today. Neither of us are getting transferred. However, it is p day for both of us, so we took advantage of it and went to the church for P-day. We arrive at like 1:00 and we are playing soccer for awhile and then missionaries started to arrive for transfers at 4:00. I walked out to the foyer in my basketball shorts-my Nike elites, and my short sleeve shirt. We started to talk to all the missionaries. So I'm talking to a lot of em and then President Drake comes in and is shaking the hands with all the missionaries. He gets to me and looks super confused and says, "Elder Saunders, you look really.....comfortable!" And I'm like, " President, I feel great!" He smiles and tells us to just make sure we are dressed for transfers. He starts to walk away and then turns around and said, "Wait, You aren't getting transferred. " I explained that we were there for P-day and he understood. 

We talked for a bit and we decided to go into transfer meeting and sit in the corner. President starts to call out the companionship's and he gets toward the end and finally calls out the last companionship. He then asked if everyone got a companion besides Elder Saunders and um...Elder Moos. Then we left. President came back up to us and started to talk and we thought he would be mad, but he was chill and asked us what we thought about the companionship's. Yeah that was it...

Today is Wednesday and we are coming from the library because we did our time. We're riding over this bridge and then suddenly my bike started shaking super bad and it gets hard to pedal. I stop and yep I got another flat tire. The thing is Elder Moos didn't see me stop so he just keeps on cruising. Eventually he notices and comes back so we're beginning our 2 mile trip back to our apartment-walking on foot and holding our bikes and then it begins to rain. A guy stops us and asks if we need a ride and I'm like, Heck, yeah! So he gives us a ride and that was amazing! Cause that would've sucked to walk all that way.

Since our area was so flooded, we decided to go and bike down to the flooded parts in our street clothes and offer service. Many people were cleaning out their houses and we ask to help them and all of them say no :( We kept trying a few more houses and a couple of people tell us to come back next week when everything dries up. After that we helped this member of our church, a sweet old lady, pack some things so we could put up Sheetrock. After we helped her we helped a less active member move some stuff outta his house and man it was the best thing ever-he had country music blasting and he is a super funny guy. We had a grand ole time and he was telling us, " Actually guys, this was kinda a blessing. My ex wife painted the walls that color and now I get to literally tear them down. Plus, I get updated stuff now that the old stuff got ruined." After we helped him, he took us to dinner at this BBQ place. It was so good.   

Today we had a lesson with this person named Michelle. She is the one I talked about a few weeks ago, with the giant mansion house. We had a set appointment so we biked over. It rained super bad earlier that day so all the green belts were muddy and flooded. We get to her house and my pants are pretty muddy and soaked but she invited us in anyway. We walk in and her house is massive like everything is so big and expensive. We asked her if she had some old towels cause our pants were muddy and her couch expensive. We sit down and she has just a few questions. Honestly she expressed to us that if she found the true church she would take her whole family! So we talked with her and she liked us and wanted us to come back. She checked her schedule( like she is way busy-she literally squeezed us in today from 2:25 to 3:45 -like, who schedules people in without rounding it up?, but she works full time in downtown Houston making mega bucks ;)  She had to go so she asked us if she could take us home cause it had just started to rain. She told us her son was coming with her so we said yes. We go to her driveway and we see five brand new F-150 trucks-all King Ranches (which is an expensive leather). We saw two jeeps and a couple of other cars. So she takes this really expensive truck and drives us home. It was so nice. We are fixin to baptize her and her family!

So we start out at 9:00 today to go muck out a members house. We arrive and start on dry wall, the door frames , nails, etc. We worked until 1:00 and we are done with his house for now. We go to anther house and do the exact same thing. A member stopped and got us Wendy's and I got a large Dr. Pepper. We finally finish both houses and it is about 5:00. When we got back a member ordered pizza for us. We take a shower and eat. It starts to rain and I'm ready to go out and work. My companion says he has a hurt toe from when he kicked the dry wall and he thinks his nail came up. He doesn't want to go out and make it worse. It is super hard for me to have to stay in the apartment but it is what it is.

On Sunday we went to church and our mission President came in and is talking to me and my companion. He is super impressed cause we're killing it in Kingwood, like the ward has never seen so many baptisms since we came in. After that he sits down and we sit down and then we just start seeing our investigators come in right and left. 1 then 2 come in. Then we see a part member family come in and then another investigator and she brought her family. These two kids show up and neither of us know them(we later found out that both are non members, but their parents are members but didn't come with the kids. So honestly we were freaked out all through Sacrament cause we have 6 investigators at church. At this point it feels like Christmas cause of all the people that showed up. As I am looking around, I catch President Drakes eye and he gives me a big thumbs up. Honestly we didn't do anything, they just came. So yeah we looked a lot better than we actually were today!
Elder Saunders
We made the front page! Elder Saunders mission area in Kingwood, Tx in the news. This picture is around the corner from their apartment. June 2016  ( **note from Mom and Dad-this is not Elder Saunders in the canoe.., a random kid)

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