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Weekly....Featuring The Three Nephites....

Monday, Jun 20, 2016                                                                   Kingwood, TX

"This week starts off a little different. There is a cool story that happened to me and some parallels that I found-then I'll get into my usual writing style.

We had exchanges and things were going good up until I got a flat tire. So we ride to a place that we could pull over and try and fix it. We finally patch the hole and pump it up and there are two holes! We only had one patch so we're like okay this sucks. Just then a guy pulls up in his truck and he says he's a member in Spring, which is a town close to Kingwood. He told us that his route rarely comes over there. We talk and he goes on his phone and he finds a bike shop that is four miles away. He told us he would go buy a tube and then come back. We thank him and he leaves. 

So we're sitting there waiting for him and then suddenly Brother Smith calls us and says, "Hey, Elders, I'm going to a bike shop to get a new tire. Do y'all need anything?" We laugh and tell him that I got a flat tire but that another person is taking care of that. So he tells us to call him if we need any more help. 

We are still waiting and another guy pulls up and he's like, "Man it is hot today." And we're like yeah it is hot. He then said, " Why did God let you have a flat tire? If you are doing his work, why wouldn't he protect you?" His question really surprised me but then I started to smile. Honestly after getting a flat tire, and having all these people stop by, I felt Gods love more. So I said, " Well, maybe it's because we're supposed to talk to someone here, or maybe he wanted to send people to us to show us that we have to be patient and he'll take care of us." The guy was silent and then said, " So am I the one you're supposed talk to? And we smiled and said, maybe you are. So he was like, " Well, I don't have anything to give you but y'all stay safe and then he drove off. 

After that the member from Spring came back and I was going to pay him back for the tube, and he told me $5 isn't worth it so just keep your money. He starts talking about his mission and how he got 8 flat tires in one week and he continues to tell us more stories. Then he checks his clock and sees that he's late so we say bye to him and he leaves. 

So we are trying to pump up the tire and a lady pulls over and asks us if we want water, so we say yes! Cause we're super thirsty. We thank her and she drives off. We're there for about another 15 min trying to pump up the tire. We realize that Elder Biglers pump is broken, which was weird cause it worked in the morning.. So we can't pump up the tire. We call the member that called us earlier and ask him if he could come and get us and he says, yes. We didn't want to sit there forever so we decide to lock up our bikes to a pole and start tracking....

As we're trying to put my deflated tire back on the bike so we could walk it over to the pole, suddenly a truck comes outta nowhere. Three Spanish guys hop out and start walking toward us. We turn around and they don't speak English but one of the guys says, "Inflate?".  I'm like, "Yeah, my tire is flat and our pump doesn't work. The guys go into the truck and then pull out this compressed air can. So he comes over to my tire and puts it on and within seconds it's full. So Elder Bigler made a joke and was like, "Man, we should carry those around with us. So the guy goes, "It's yours" and hands it to me. I thanked him and all three of them got back in the truck and drove away. Me and Elder Bigler are just amazed at what just happened and Elder Biglers like, " Man, we just got visited by the Three Nephites!

The moral of that story is that God looks out for his children and will send people to them. However, Satan also can inspire people for bad. I think the guy who pulled over, who asked why did God do that to you?, either knowingly or unknowingly tried to tempt us to be angry at God and make us wonder, yeah why would he do that to us. 

In the midst of so much good there is always evil that arises. In Matthew 4, right after Christ was on a spiritual high and fasted for 40 days, the devil came unto him and tempted him saying, "If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread." It's like Newtons law, for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction. For everything you do there is a good choice you can make and a bad choice you can make. Both sides are having a war over us but in the end it's up to us to choose what team we are going to play on.

After that we exchanged back and I came back to my area and we ate at our investigators house. It's super weird-the mom is not a member, but she has been investigating the church for years and comes to church every single week. Sometimes she helps teach gospel doctrine but she isn't baptized cause she wants to be baptized with her family. So we were talking with her and we got to talking about family history and she told us how she has gone back to the 800's in her and her husbands line. No one has done even one temple work for all of those many many people. We talked to her husband and he wasn't really sure about it. He's on the fence whether or not he should get baptized. We talked to him about a lot of things and I told him if he got the Priesthood, he would be able to baptize his kids. After I said that his face lit up, so I think we struck a cord with him. 

We had a lot of investigators come to church today. After church we got in with this part member family and they were super solid. We taught them and her husband was almost about to cry during the lesson. But yeah it was a super good lesson and then they fed us super rich cheesecake. The husband and his boy talked a lot about star wars but all was good. 
Elder Saunders
Reading the scriptures is the 'Right Way"  as on the sign. Kingwood, TX 2016

Choose the right way and be happy.  Kingwood, TX Jun 2016

The above signs are located in an area just outside Kingwood. The story goes that the man choosing the sign names thought it would be funny to have all these different signs and it was supposed to be approved and never was but the order went through anyway.  June 2016

Fathers Day Card that Elder Saunders made his dad. Our hearts are full.  June 2016  Kingwood, TX

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