Friday, October 14, 2016

A Man On A Mission.....

Monday, Oct 10, 2016                                              Beaumont, TX

"So my son's name is Elder Jones. He is cool and a quick learner. He is from Kaysville.
Our area is now a bike area. The area boundaries are 35 miles long and 10 miles width, so it's a big area. It's starting to cool down.....Finally. Training is like the best thing ever though. 1. Your companion has to do what you say-so you get to make all the plans, haha. 2. You get an extra hour to study while he does this training thing.

We start off our day by helping some members clean out a storage unit which was big. They fed us lunch so we can't complain. We taught Debra and she told us that she wants to be baptized but she has to wait because: 1. She has to get surgery on her foot and she's not sure it can get wet and 2. She wants a friend to be there and he will be gone for about a month. After that we went and taught another guy and then had to hurry and bike over to our dinner with a part member family. We taught him and had a good discussion, but he's really hard headed so that was frustrating.

Early the next morning we visited this apartment complex and we talked to a lot of people and taught a couple of them. We taught this Bible referral person who actually invited us in and listened and invited us back. Another one of our investigators told us that if we got into any trouble to tell him, cause he has some contacts. He assured us that he wouldn't hurt them, just make our problems go away, ha ha. He was part of a gang a while back and has some serious contacts. 

Today we started out by teaching our investigator, who loves to talk. He talked for about 90% of the conversation but he told us how to make doughnuts and a bunch of other things. He's a super good chef. Like he's cooked for 3 Iron Chefs, so we are trying to get him to feed us one day.

After that we taught a person and it was going good and she stopped us and said that we have to cut it short cause she has to drink a beer. She told us to come back, ha ha. We biked to this investigators house and he's like 17. We get there and he's not home, but we ended up teaching his brother. As we were saying the closing prayer, his mom comes out and pretty much orders us inside. We get inside and she's like, "Why didn't y'all invite me to join?" We get to talking and she's saying how appreciative she is of us. She grabs some groceries and tries to get us to take them. We refuse but she wouldn't give up. She gave us toothpaste and a bunch of other things. She fed us a quick snack and then we taught her and we're coming back next week. 

We taught Stan and we had a really good lesson. He said he found an answer that is leading him on the path. Then we went to go teach this Bible referral. We go to the door and knock and he comes out and says, "Guys, let's sit down. So we all sit and then he says, "What do you want to share with me?' I just start teaching him and every now and then he sidetracks the conversation with some random subject. I then bring it back and he takes off again. We're doing this like the whole time. Finally he points at me and he's like, "Ya know, I really like you. You're a man on a mission. I gotta admit I've been drinking one too many so come back next week when I'm sober." Ha ha so we're coming back next week.

And yeah, those were the highlights of our week!
Elder Saunders
Me and my greenie companion, Elder Jones. Beaumont, TX Oct 2016
( *note from parents. No pictures with his email and lo and behold-this is the third time it happened-A sweet Sister W sent this picture when she was feeding them dinner :)

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