Saturday, October 8, 2016

I'm Now A Dad!

Monday Oct 3, 2016                                       Beaumont, TX

"First thing is my companion is getting transferred. I'm getting a son. In missionary language it means that I am training a brand-new missionary. The bad news is they are taking away our car(they are five short in Salt Lake), so we're going to be a bike area. Our area covers 40 miles, so this is going to take a lot of faith. 

Today we had a pretty solid day. We taught Martha Washington. (y'all heard me right-Martha Washington). Our member that we brought was golden, so all that worked out. We had a sweet lesson with her, and afterward I gave her a blessing. After that we taught Debra and she's always super solid and said she would watch conference but she would have to see it late cause she works. We brought June to that and she was good at fellow shipping. Later Genesis made us dinner and I also got this sweet hat(see pic below).

We went to a place today called Sour Lake. It is honestly the closest place you can get before you hit the telestial kingdom. Okay, maybe not that bad but pretty bad. We spent five hours there and on the plus side we got 3 potentials, and we taught a less active. On the down side, we drove 80 miles round trip!

It was a good day today. We visited this referral who ordered a bible, but she wasn't home so we decided to stop by this potential investigator who we contacted this past week but he seemed really not interested. We stopped by his house and he was super friendly and we ended up teaching him and he told us to come back on Sunday. He is this sweet big black guy who rides bulls for rodeos. We stopped by this apartment complex afterward to teach some less active members. After we taught them we walked around the apartments and we ended up talking to these kids. There was about five of them, so we taught them. Every now and then their mom would pop out and one of those times she was like, " Man, they're actually listening. My companions like, " Oh yeah. Kids, what are prophets?" They shout, "MESSENGERS FROM GOD!" It was super cool. After that we biked to this ghetto street and we talked to a lot of sweet people on that street that seemed somewhat promising.

Elder Saunders
Fire and Rescue Station in Beaumont, TX Oct 2016
He's da bear! Me and Smokey- Oct 2016 Beaumont Texas

Me and my bud Smoky-Beaumont, TX Oct 2016
My Sweet hat-Beaumont, TX Oct 2016

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