Sunday, October 30, 2016

James The Mormon.....

Monday Oct 24, 2016                                                     Beaumont, TX

"We had a lesson again with Debra. We taught the word of wisdom and we found out that she does smoke, so now we are working on trying to get her to stop. She said she doesn't smoke a lot so hopefully it will be easy to quit. 

Taught Michael Penegar, today. We talked more about the Book of Mormon. We even had him commit to read a chapter tonight and pray about it and to send a text when he is done. He did it and we got a text about 9:30 saying he just read it and he is now going to read it.

After that we went to dinner with some members and it was sweet. We found out the members son does the instrumental/lyrics for 'James the Mormon'. So we were talking to the son that does the lyrics-instrumentals and he's flying up to Provo to do a concert for like 6,000 people in a couple of days! I asked him if he could get us some autographs and he said yeah. He even said that if I got home sooner, he'd set up a time for me to meet him. But he's a super cool guy. He's only eighteen and he is writing lyrics and instrumentals-he has a pretty good thing going, but he is going to stop for a while and go serve a mission!

Today we had this early appointment that was pretty far away-a good six miles. The only way to get there is on busy roads with no sidewalks. We arrived and they aren't there, so we biked around and found a person to teach. She didn't seem super solid but at least she'd hear us out. After that we went to the less actives funeral of the baby that died in childbirth. It was a good service. 

We biked around forever and then we rode up on these two guys working. As I pulled up, one of them asked, "Y'all Mormons?" So I told him, yeah. He told us that he was, too. I thought he was kidding, but then he went into his conversion story. He told how the missionaries came and helped him. It was pretty cool. Apparently he hasn't been in years and his records aren't in the ward. We are trying to get him to come to church. After that we taught this person named KaSandra and her son, JaHarlod. 

Finally we biked a super long way to Ernest whose apartment was thick with smoke. It was so hard to breathe. We taught him the restoration and all three times he really didn't seem interested and it didn't get any better throughout the lesson. We asked him to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and we would get back to him. Later we called him and he didn't read it, so we had to drop him, cause he wasn't in the proper mindset. That is always hard to see. 

Elder Saunders
A sweet text from a member in Beaumont whose son left for a mission-Elder Saunders, Elder Worley and Elder Jones Oct 2016

Elder Saunders and Elder Hill in Beaumont, TX  Oct 2016

**note from parents-'he is slowing down on pictures lately. Hopefully he is just in a slump....

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