Sunday, October 2, 2016

Let God Take a Pikachu.....

Monday, Sept 26, 2016                                                   Beaumont, TX

"We went on exchanges today. We didn't get a lot done. We biked around forever and nothing. We came back home and grabbed the car and went to our lesson with Debra. It went amazing! We taught her and she was very open. She now wants to be baptized but can't yet because she works on Sundays. We talked to her about how she could still do it. We set a date to come to church and she even mentioned that if she has to she will quit her job. She is so solid! Debra already has the 16th of October off , and is planning on coming to church today. With General Conference coming up, if she comes to that-it counts as church-she can get baptized! 

After that we had dinner with Bishop and his family. It was pretty good. At the end of the day we had a referral, who we haven't even contacted yet, send us a text and say that she has a family for us to teach. So our referral give us a referral!

Today we were on exchanges with one of the zone leaders. We had a pretty interesting day. It starts off by one of our crazy dropped investigators texted us and asked if we could stop by so we stopped by. He told us that he has had all these white blurs talking to him. He said that they told him that he is Christ and that he was born to do some purpose. He talked about the moon and the sun and stuff like that. He wanted us to let our church be aware that he is there. He said some other things but I couldn't really follow along cause it was pretty weird. The he started to say that every time he opens the scriptures and reads a story in them, the story happens to him. So I made a little joke and was like, "Well, whatever you do, never open Jonah." He didn't find that amusing so pretty soon we left.

We had dinner after that and had the best Mexican food I ever had. It was so good. We knocked on a bunch of doors and then knocked on this one potentials door. Another person answered and said that they weren't home. We thanked her and left and knocked on the door across from them. As we were knocking, I looked back to the house we just came from. We see both of the people who "weren't home" walk out of their home and get in their car and drive away. Sad!

We did Bishop's Storehouse today. Stan came and we talked to him for a bit. He told us that the doctors say that his cancer came back! We're going to go over and give him a blessing of healing. He was a champ and worked super hard to help out other families get their food. Love that guy.

Next we met this kid named Elijah. He is about 9. He was freaken sweet. I stopped next to him and fixed his bike cause it was broke. He was joking with us and telling us all the people on his street. He turned toward me and is like, 'My names Elijah but my friends call me Deshawn. I just laughed and he's like, "What?". I'm like, "Your name is Elijah not Deshawn. Then he told me that  I could call him 'Lil E'. So I told him sweet-imma gonna call you 'Lil E. We told him that we gotta go. My companion was driving that day so he hops in and starts to back up. I'm standing outside with Lil E and my companion is going literally one mile an hour in reverse. He asked why he was going slow and I explained that we needed to be careful. Lil E said, "Well my grandma goes faster and she is 90 years old. I laughed and then we left.

Today we went to a Presbyterian church and after that we attended our church...of course. Then we went home and put a roast in the crockpot. (*note from parents-Holy cow, he's using a crockpot! He said he would never use one-ever, ha ha.) We quickly ate lunch and then went to an appointment with a referral. 

As we were talking to the referral she says, 'Y'all aren't the bad guys? I thought it was a joke but she was dead serious. She explained saying that everyone says we tear people away from their faith and try to force them to to join us and she said some more stuff. We cleared up some things and we're teaching her and she is more involved now and asking questions. We get to the Book of Mormon and we ask her if she's heard about it. She's like, "Well, yes I have. I've  heard not to read it cause it messes with your brain and takes you away from your faith." Once again we were able to clarify some things but she wouldn't take the Book of Mormon so we asked her to take the restoration pamphlet and read it and pray about it and about the Book of Mormon before we come back. She agreed and then she changed a lot and she was joking around with us. It was really cool. I think she finally got past everything she heard about us...At least I hope she did.

To end the day we went out with the temple President. (*note from parents: What? Like President Hayes of the Houston Temple? He casually said yes and we were surprised. How cool is it that President Hayes takes the time to go out with the missionaries!) We took a less active to the cemetery to see a loved one who had died. We tried to find the grave and we couldn't. We drove to the funeral home and there was a Mexican funeral service that just finished, so we had to weave our way through all of that. We asked the workers where it was and then the worker started to talk and ask us questions. We found the grave and she started to cry. The temple President gave a short spiritual message and told her to do his family history for his grandparents who are waiting for her to do their temple work. It was pretty powerful. 

After that a guy called us over and wanted a Book of Mormon. He had been taught some years ago by missionaries and wants to get back in with them so we ended up teaching him and we are coming back in a couple of days. We were pretty busy, today....

Love ,
Elder Saunders
Found this sign, 'Stop being rude." after we knocked a bunch of houses and not one of them listened to us. Beaumont Texas Sept 2016

Pokemon go is alive and well in Texas. We had to laugh at this Evangelical church sign in Beaumont, TX Sept 2016 'Pokemon Go: Stop here. Come let God take a Pikachu!"


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