Sunday, October 23, 2016

Let The Savior Be Your GPS (Global Positioning System)....

Monday Oct 17, 2016                                     Beaumont, TX

"On P-day one of the elders got his dad to ship him down a Sams Club card, so we all went and got these great deals for buying in bulk. Like we got 72 waffles for $10! And stuff like that. 

Tuesday we taught Rita. We went over to her house and she prepared for us a feast. Homemade fried chicken, fried fish, chili, corn, greens, fruit salad, turkey. Then she gave us cake and ice cream. It was so good we ate a ton. There was still a ton left and she made me eat more. It was so good and so bad. Her favorite show came on, 'Let's make a deal," so we had to teach her between commercials, haha. 

We started off our day by having two appointments fall through, but after that we went to the church and taught one of our members friends. He is a really cool guy. He met us at the church, so we gave him a church tour and then taught him the restoration. He seemed really sincere and he said he'd come to church, but he ended up not making it but said he would come in two weeks.

We went to the Episcopal church Bible study. I was pretty mad because they ran outta breakfast and that's one of the reasons we go. They read outta the Bible, but what everyone finds interesting or new, we have already heard about it in Primary. That is how far ahead we are, haha. At the end of the day we did hour of power. My son choose a really scary street. It was this super long street clear in the ghetto. We knocked about every door and we talked with an atheist that tried to prove that that Christ didn't exist with astronomy. It was really weird, but when we ended we asked if we could come back and he said I could. We also had some other stuff happen but I will talk more about that after my mission. We had to walk about 1.4 miles down this ghetto dimly lit street at 8:00 p.m. So here we are walking down this pitch black street, and right as we walked past them, they turned off. So that was kinda creepy. We did help a Mexican guy get his dog after it escaped, so that was cool.

On Friday, B team picked us up for zone meeting. They told us that a person broke into their car and stole both of their GPS's, so after Zone meeting, we went with them to a few pawn stores to see if we could find them. We did find a store that they said a guy came in with two GPS's but that pawn store doesn't sell them so they turned him away and we had no luck.

We went on exchanges with our zone leader so we made sure we were nice and good, ha ha. It was a super long and hot day. We wore out our Zone leader. At the end of our day, our members made us these huge steaks and baked potatoes. It was super good and a great way to end the day!!

Sunday we were contacted by these less active members and they told us that she lost her baby in delivery. So sad! We contacted the ward cause no one knew about it. We talked with them and hopefully helped. That was our week.
Elder Saunders
I think I wore my companion, Elder Jones out. He is hardly moving. Beaumont, TX Oct 2016

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